Wait, you missed one!

Yeah, we know.

Listen, there are 450,000 guys with the GIMP or pirated copies of Photoshop churning out new BLD masterpieces around the clock, so yeah, we don't have a complete set.

But you can fix that!

If you have a link to one we don't have, send us the link. Just email the image link only to new at beerlooterdude.net and we'll put it up.

DON'T EMAIL US THE IMAGE. Go find a place to host it, like Photobucket or Flickr or something, and send us a link to the image.

I'll say that again. DON'T EMAIL US THE IMAGE.

Additional note: Flickr images don't work right, nor does any other site where users have to log in to view them. Re-host your images on Photodump, Photobucket, ImageShack, etc. and all will be wonderful!

10/02/2005 03:27:04 PM