Where to host your images

We've gotten a bunch of image link submissions we can't immediately use because they're hosted on Flickr (which often requires users to log in to view an image) or on private message boards where to view attachments, users have to log in or otherwise be a member of the site. Copy your images to your local machine, and then re-host them on any of the free, no-login image hosts out there on the net.

PhotoBucket appears to be the most solid right now. ImageShack works a lot better if your image is smaller than 25K in size, lest we get the dreaded Frog Of Death indicating excessive suckage of bandwidth. If you have an AOL account or the like, one which allows you to share images without visitors logging into your site, so much the better.

We've also, in spite of several cautions, gotten people emailing us image files directly. We don't host those, so we won't be putting them up. See above, about where to host your images.

Note: after an image has been on the site for a few days, its traffic tapers off as visitors have already seen it, so even if you see an initial burst of usage, don't worry, it'll calm down after a couple of days and users focus on the newer stuff.



10/02/2005 03:31:55 PM