Hey, that's my picture!

If you find there's an image linked here that you created and you'd like credit, send a note to credit@beerlooterdude.net and we'll stick your name and optionally your URL on the page. Since users send us links to pictures, we only rarely know who the creator of the image might be.

If there's a picture linked here you don't want to appear, right-click the image, view its Properties, and contact the site hosting the original image. Since we don't host them, we can't do anything about removing it from the web, only remove the link here. Removing the original is the only complete solution, but we've gotta ask: why create a BLD if you don't want anyone to see it? With over 100,000 hits a day, linking your image here will ensure that the maximum number of people spew coffee all over their keyboards. If you do want us to unlink from your image, send a note to us at remove@beerlooterdude.net and include the image number in the subject. The image should be unlinked within 24 hours.

09/30/2005 03:54:51 PM