Ode To BLD

Ode to Beer Looter Dude (BLD)

Reply to: anon-99752259@craigslist.org
Date: 2005-09-24, 6:26PM CDT

Three cheers for this cat who w/defiant steps waded his way out of the slow-mo sludge of bureaucracy with booty a plenty.

Flashing a cheshire grin w/hair ablaze and an extra heiney in the back pocket of well-worn bluejeans, he has captured the national psyche.

If the archetypal biblical flood has shaped Western consciousness, in post-deluge New Orleans, we have our new Noah.

And like Noah, one man's drunkard becomes another's prophet, so BLD hath thrown down his staff and for two fortnights heretofore passed awaits word from the bird that has flown from his hands to find dry land.

Lay low sweet prince, thou art more than due these fruits bore from the machine that has long ignored you.

Three cheers, I say, for BLD is us when we too become free--for a flickering moment perhaps, but, ah, what a moment!

If only we could all wade in those shoes.

this is in or around Uruslines and Barracks

09/27/2005 06:44:45 PM