June 2011
PermaLink Cleanup on aisle wabbit06/24/2011 04:09 AM
If you follow me on Twitter, you know about 1/30th of the story of this last week. This is another 2/7th. I'll leave you to do the math.


PermaLink OK, I admit it: I am a social media ho-bag06/15/2011 05:47 AM
..but I'm no worse than some and a lot better than most.


PermaLink Don't drink the farkin' Kool-Aid. If anyone asks...06/11/2011 03:08 AM
...tell them Turtle said, "eat my ass, Barney!"


PermaLink Yeah, I'm like this with wabbits, too...06/07/2011 06:23 AM
In case you thought my grumpiness was just about IBM/Lotus, well, you're wrong.


PermaLink If it seems like I've been grumpy lately...06/03/2011 03:24 AM
...well, you get three points.  Yay.


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