October 2016
PermaLink Yes, The Turtle is fucking angry again10/19/2016 01:43 AM
I know it's been more than a year since I spoke to y'all, and unlike some assfucks on Twitter who don't understand that not only is 140 a good idea, IT'S THE LAW, I'm popping this out to my own goddamn server.

I am getting old. I can tell you, within a reasonable factor of certainty, that I will die within the next eleven years. I knew this from when I was maybe 16 or 17 years old.  In many ways, I am surprised I've lived this long.

And if you are not at least forty years old as of Wednesday, October 19, 2016, 1:47am Eastern time, when I'm writing this, you are probably a fucking moron, and I don't need your fucking comments.

If you plan to vote for Donald Trump, you, too, indeed, are a fucking moron and I don't need your fucking comments.

Well, hell, now that I'm thinking about it, this is MY fucking webserver, on MY fucking domain, supported by code I partly wrote and mostly by code I paid for... so motherFUCK your comments.

I had an interaction on Facebook earlier with a rural white young woman with whom I had a business transaction last year involving a wabbit.  I love my wabbits, but sometimes the people who also love wabbits tend to be goddamn fucking stupid, either because they're young and untested or ancient and think Ike is still President.  I tend to be stuck in the middle.

I do know some really smart people involved in wabbits.

They are the exceptions, not the rule.

Young Stupid Entitled White Girl Who Thinks Every Government Program Should Immediately Benefit You And Only You, please go fuck yourself.  Social Security was started in 1935, the first check wasn't paid out until 1939.  But prior to that, old people who ended up in poverty DIED THERE.  GO FUCKING WATCH "The Grapes Of Wrath (1940)."  Ofuk, that's right, it's not on whatever the fuck channel carries all that fucking bullshit about the Kardashians!

Get a better television.  Fuck you.

And for the serious old farts, the "YOU MUST ALWAYS RESPECT THE FLAG EVEN THOUGH WHAT HAS BEEN DONE IN ITS NAME FOR DECADES IS LESS THAN RESPECTABLE," well, fuck you, too.  I appreciate that your recruiter told you that you were going to Nam or Korea to PROTECT MURKIN FREEDOM, but seriously, there was not then and is not now any justification for all the civilians we killed in what in 1954 was called French Indo-China.  If Clemenceau and Wilson had given a well-spoken Sorbonne-educated gentleman named Ho Chi-Minh the time of day in 1919 at Versailles, there would have been no Dien Bien Phu, no Tet Offensive, no mining of Haiphong Harbor... We were wiping up France's asshole because they couldn't grok the coming of the post-colonial era.

I don't even fucking wanna talk about how badly Britain fucked up the Middle East after the First World War.  Yes, this ALSO led directly to the Suez "Crisis," the Gulf War, the Iraq War, Afghanistan, and all the other shit the United States has seen fit to try to mop up with only a few Bounty Towels and a squeegee.

And now, in the USA, they wanna lay all these messes at the feet of Barack Obama.

Since 1965, that's been their take: let's blame it on the niggers and the liberals.  In 2016, now they have what they perceive as a "liberal" in the form of Hillary Clinton, though realistically, she's probably somewhere to the right of where Dwight Eisenhower was in 1952, and "the nigger," in the form of one of the most capable and intelligent Presidents we've had since the short-lived John Kennedy more than fifty years ago.

Hey, you know what? I LOVE both that white bitch (Hillary Rodham Clinton) and that nigger (Barack Hussein Obama)!  I LOVE THEM!!!! And when Hillary's husband, Bill, won the White House in 1992, my then-girlfriend and I DANCED IN OUR LIVING ROOM in front of the television!  When Barack was elected in November, 2008, my 2nd wife and I bred our first great litter of wabbits, and the biggest one was duly named Barack Obunny! We still have one of his sons and one of his daughters!


In writing this, I realize that stupid people are self-filtering, because they're not on Twitter. Even if it leaks over to MouthBreatherLand, I don't give a fuck.  I won't live long enough to need to give a fuck.  But maybe, one of the mouthbreathers will understand that I cared SO MUCH about this shit that hey, "maybe I should actually think about what I think I 'believe' instead of just buyng it like a grab bag of fecal thoughts at Dollar General.


But I don't give a flying fuck.

Fuck all y'all.


I'm dying, and I don't need any thoughts beyond what I say.

Leave me the fuck out of your movies. Just don't fuck up my last ten years on this planet, because I don't have time to move to a new one.

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