PermaLink History was made by stupid people02/08/2006 05:34 PM
I've said this before, but it's pretty damn annoying the amount of time I spend in a given day dealing with problems created for me by stupid people. I managed to depress myself last night by just considering this topic.

"How much time in a day do I spend dealing with things that aren't necessarily things I chose to do, but things that were shoved into my day or my consciousness by people doing dumb things, or by not doing their jobs right?"

I was pretty depressed after I thought about it in depth. I don't recommend this for amateurs. The smallest example I could find, as a matter of fact, was the extra second or two it takes me to get the cap off my bottle of antidepressants... a childproof cap having been put there not to protect me, but to protect nonexistent children against taking the medication "by accident."

That's actually a double-dip, if you think about it. First, that the child will eat an admittedly pretty nasty-tasting medication "by accident," and second, the assumption that I'm too stupid to control what these aforementioned nonexistent children will do in my house.

That's only one second.

Today at work, I was forced to waste a quarter hour taking a truly mind-roasting online course and quiz related to my day job's provision of a corporate Visa for travel purposes... a card said organization forces me to use for travel because they don't feel like doing advances for travel. This isn't all, though: I've been using this card for over a decade, so demanding that I sign an acknowledgement that I know how to use the card properly is beyond idiotic. Over 5,000 people in the organization have these cards, and most of them are slower -- much slower -- than I am at going through online "training," so if you total up the 15 or 20 minutes I spent on this silliness, triple it, then multiply it by 5,000 and adding in the time spent by low-grade droids to tally and make sure all of us supposed professionals actually did this grade-school-quality task... well, I ran out of fingers.

I figured that this whole idiotic effort cost my organization somewhere around one million dollars to perform, just in salary alone, let alone wasted printer paper and ink, costs to have some consultant set up this skull-testing "quiz" and random meetings held by unknown minions to plan how best to annoy us with it.

I will have to look up the source of a quote I read some years ago: I don't want my options in life restricted based on what stupid people might do.

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