PermaLink Suzanne: now playing at a website near you06/10/2007 11:32 PM
Suzanne now has something to occupy her time.  Over the weekend, I've set up a BlogSphere site for her on the server here, on her own domain.  You can visit it at  On it, she gets to go crazy putting up pictures of the wabbits and telling you all what a slug I am on the weekends.  She also has links to my latest short video (yes, it's of the wabbits, and it's not bad).

What have I done this weekend?  I only...
  • Cleaned the dead bugs out of the light fixture in the kitchen.
  • Cleaned the lime and crud out of the showerhead and also reamed out the little orfice in the showerhead fitting so that we can get a little higher water flow through there.
  • Cleaned the bathtub and dumped some Drano down the drain.
  • Changed the oil in her car.
  • Replanted some jalapeno seedlings.
  • Replanted a grape tomato seedling.
  • Found some catnip plants growing out under the peach tree while mowing the grass, and brought it in so the cats can act stupid.
  • As mentioned, mowed the lawn.
  • Grilled two very good steaks Saturday night.
  • Set up her website.
  • Persuaded my T-Mobile MDA to talk to the intertubes through the wireless in the house.
  • Installed new print drivers on her MacBook to use her new Epson Stylus Photo 1400, which arrived this week so she can print pages for a scrapbook she's doing for her parents' 50th anniversay (a couple of years ago).
  • Formatted an external drive on my iMac and copied all my 8,220 MP3s to it.
  • Played the Yamaha keyboard a bit.
  • Grilled some good bratwurst.
  • Wrote a bunch of stuff.
  • Tried to photograph the rabbits jumping over their jumps.  They declined to cooperate.
  • Cleaned the catboxes in the kitchen.
  • Picked some raspberries.
  • Cleared off some vines.
  • Watered things.
She's right.  I am a  complete fucking slug.   I suck.
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