PermaLink They'll feel stupid06/21/2007 01:00 AM
It's a clear night here in the valley, and I just went out with a cigarette and some soda, and lay down in the middle of the road up near the garage.  Yeah, where I live, you can actually do that... sometimes it'll be three or four hours between cars, particularly late at night.

I lay down on my back and looked out at the sky.  All those millions of stars, of which I can see only a few thousand.  All that space.  All that... possibility.

The thought that occurred to me is that when the asteroid hits, right before it trashes the planet and kills us all, the people who're gonna feel really stupid are the lawyers and the advertising people.  People who spent their adult lives worrying about what gets done to whom, by whom, for what gain, when.

You look out there into the depths of space, and the first thing you realize is, nobody gizzashit.
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