PermaLink In depression06/22/2007 08:11 PM
I have to thank Wyeth-Ayerst Labs... Effexor is a good, durable checmical and it's helping me a lot.  I can feel that I've gone into a depressive period the last week or so, but the floor I can feel underneath me is pretty much due to the drugs.  Even at a relatively small dosage, they work and work well.  I should offer to do ads for them.

I am tempted to upgrade the drive in my AppleTV.  It comes with a woefully-small 40Gb drive, and the day I bought it I also bought a Seagate 160Gb drive that's faster and of course much larger.  The aTV has been full for weeks, but I haven't had the initiative to pull the old drive, dd it, and then install the big drive and go forth.  By the way, if you haven't installed the new 1.1 software update, be advised that if you've installed any hacks on your aTV, the 1.1 update (which allows access to YouTube videos) will undo them all.  Be warned, but don't avoid the update, it's just that you'll have to redo your hacks after installing the update.

The update also takes about 20 minutes to download and apply.  Get a beer before you start.

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