PermaLink More free tech advice: Epson Stylus 1400 and Intel Macs06/28/2007 03:46 PM
Epson Stylus Photo 1400This is an Epson Stylus Photo 1400.  Suzanne and I bought one of these, and found that as it comes out of the box, it has problems with Intel-based Macs.  Here's some free advice if you're planning on buying one, or if you have one and intend to use it with an Intel-based Mac (which is pretty much all you can buy now).


Now, most of you who are reading this page probably already have the same habit I have, which is when you buy a new gadget, you completely ignore the driver CD that comes with it and instead head to the manufacturer's site and get the most current driver.  Usually this just gets you a nicer, newer driver, but with this Epson, it's vital.

Even though the 1400 was introduced nearly a year after Apple had started making Intel-based Macs, the driver that ships with the 1400 -- even now -- supports only PowerPC Macs.  The driver on the CD will load, and look like it wants to run, and in fact runs just fine with Windows, but it cannot see the printer connected via USB and will sit there and glare at you as your print queue piles up with unprintable jobs.  Don't use it.  Instead, go here and get the current driver from Epson.  As of today, it's 3.6bA.  Install that one instead.  You will immediately see the printer, and everything will work great.

Now, if you've already installed the bogus driver, remove it, since installing the good driver doesn't overwrite or remove certain critical items of the old bogus driver:

  1. Go to /Library/Printers.
  2. Delete the Epson folder.
  3. Go to /Library/Receipts.
  4. Delete any Epson receipts you see there.
  5. Search for and delete any files you find (I didn't do this and it worked anyway)
  6. Empty the Trash.
  7. Restart the machine.
  8. Install the new driver.

You should then be fine.  It's an amazing printer, I just can't figure out why, a year and a half later, and after six months of manufacturing, Epson is still shipping a driver that only supports machines Apple doesn't make any more.


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