PermaLink DC Metro crash06/22/2009
Nora missed tonight's Metro crash in DC by about eight minutes.  Her MARC train would normally have passed the spot of the crash just about that time, but she took a slightly later train that ended up never leaving Union Station.  I drove down to DC to pick her up, and gave one of her trainmates a ride back up here so his wife could pick him up.  There are now six people fewer living in DC.

We got home and found that Barack Obunny has been awarded his first leg of the three he needs to be awarded Grand Champion status!  We also won Best Display at one of the rabbit shows we were at a couple of weeks ago.

More later.  We're still sorting out problems stemming from having to recertify the whole domain.  For some reason the server doesn't believe its own certificate.  Hhhhh...

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