PermaLink This woman is no longer alive02/09/2006 06:22 PM

Apparently a date originating on went incredibly badly.

This woman is no longer alive.  Apparently these two met through her MySpace profile, and sometime the night of December 28, he ended up killing her and dumping her body off Interstate 95 near Baltimore, Maryland.  It's a little strange and disquieting to read her rather terse profile, and the Last on:  11/6/2005.  I doubt she had even the slightest idea that in seven weeks from that last login, she'd be dead.

Before you get all accusatory about "online dating," just remember how many people are killed after dates where they meet in bars or the supermarket or practically anywhere else.  The fact they met online is irrelevant.  In three years nobody'll think anything of it.  The novelty will have worn off, probably the way it has for the pedophile-meets-up-with-kids-over-the-internet thing.   These days, I think people assume that that happens, and might actually be surprised if the meeting venue was anything else.

"I just want to meet cool people," she wrote.

Now she's really, really cool.
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1. The Turtle02/10/2006 01:17:24 AM

A truly difficult coincidence... one of my favorite waitresses where I sometimes go after work knew this guy and his mother... her description was, "he has... issues." Weirder yet, she has friends who know the woman's family.

It was their first date.


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