PermaLink It's snow, Hosehead!02/11/2006 07:05 PM

It's snowing, and that means it's time to hole up at home.  
The snow started here sometime around 10 or 11 this morning.  I don't know for sure... I was asleep.  In any case, I lounged around at home, mostly in bed with isolated trips to other parts of the house to deal with cat chaos.  Sometime last night, one or more of the cats decided to heave a rather large citrus tree off the windowsill and onto the oriental rug, as well as dig most of the soil out of it.  I repotted it, lectured the cats harshly, and went back upstairs to watch Maryland lose to Duke.

I can't easily describe how quiet it gets here when it's dark and snowing.  You can actually hear the individual flakes come down, both in the air and on impact.  You can also usually hear the blood running in your own ears, which is a bit more disturbing to hear.

I met someone interesting last night... a woman who turned out to have worked in the same building my father worked in at the college from which he retired... she had been a work-study student in another department back in the early 1970s.  It was amazing to hear names I hadn't heard in more than thirty years.  My father had a stroke in 1991 and never returned to work after that.  I eventually had to leave, but we traded phone numbers and agreed to meet up again at some time in the future.  She's a bit old for me (about nine years older) but attractive and smart.  You never know.

I keep surprising myself with how many old hard drives there are lying around this house.  Just on the desk here, where the iMac and the server live, there's a Seagate notebook drive pulled from my iBook before it's shipped in for service, and a Western Digital 160-gig that I can't even remember buying.  Over on the shelf, there are a couple of external Firewire drives, and over there on the table is a Maxtor 40-gig that used to live in the server.  Boxes in the basement contain drives dating back to the 1980s, some as small as 200 meg.  One day, I should plug them all in and see what's still on them.  Data around here tends to migrate from machine to machine well, but occasionally I am sure I've lost track of some old stuff.

I've also been quite bad over the years about labeling CDs and DVDs once I've stuffed data onto them.  Eventually the cats find and knock over the piles of discs and sit on them.  I wonder if the Greeks had this problem?
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