PermaLink @Command([IntestinalDistress])02/13/2006 06:36 PM

I don't know what it is, but there's this one piece of code where, if I work on it, I get rather violent intenstinal cramps.  I'll hope that's a design flaw and not a feature.

I've been working on this piece of code for several days.  It's actually Lotuscript, not formula, but it seems like every time I touch it, it feels like Alien will come blasting out of my guts and mess up the carpet.  Nothing fancy, just a routine to calculate date dependencies in archived versions of documents in a Notes database, but it just seems like I can't even look at the agent without running down the hall ten minutes later.

And no, it has nothing to do with anything I may have eaten.

The whole day has been interesting.  Had some adventures with the Volkswagen on ice on a small hill near my house this morning, which caused me to miss two oh-so-vital meetings around work.  One meeting was the latest iteration of "why can't you build us this function which is not only impractical, but unwanted by the users?"  The other meeting really should have been between several vendors, including Google, and our network staff, but neither the vendors nor the network guys showed up.   The meeting was organized by someone (an executive, not a user) who wanted to know why the searches in Google didn't work fast enough to suit them.  Now, my system is only a consumer of Google search services, so really, asking me to be there would be like your local water authority officials calling you into a meeting so they could figure out why the water pressure wasn't high enough... simply because you use water.

Shit like that happens around here nearly every day.

The users themselves have been delighted with Google.  They spent years swearing at our old search engine and demanding Google, and now they have it, so we never hear from them.

Frankly, if they bitch about Google, I'll tell them to go write their own damn search engine.

Among other interesting things I read today:  a small explanation of why voice-mail is dead, over at Ed Brill's site.  It's about damn time.  While I understand the one-time value of being able to store a message for later playback, for me, email is far, far better.  I can write as fast as I can talk on most days, and I can read at well over 2000 words per minute.  Much better than sitting through some asinine, content-free message someone around here might leave:  "uhh... Turtle, this is Bob.  Call me back."

In recent years, my outgoing voicemail has warned people that if all their message says is, "call me back," I won't.  Guaranteed.  That's like sending someone an email telling you to call them.  I don't do that, either.
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1. Rock02/14/2006 01:28:54 PM

@Gary - the link works for me - it points to a post on Ed's blog entitled "100 percent uptime", and the quote to which Turtle is referring is:

"It was interesting how consistent the experience of the IBMers here in the UK is with my own -- "voice mail is dead" said the IBMer running the meeting. That's certainly true for me -- I get around to listening to business voicemail once a week, at best. Sametime is where it is at. "



2. KJ02/14/2006 12:16:21 PM

Our sales force lives and breaths by voice mail. It's a gabillion times easier to call someone and leave a message about the sales pitch while running out to the car to drive to the next meeting. Some of the sales guys go a week without plugging in the computer but can't last 20 minutes without voicemail. Sure Blackberry is great, but the whole walking and typing thing is too much for some people, whereas walking and talking.... Ok, that's a whole 'nother debatable question. I don't see voicemail going away anytime soon. <Ominous prediction bound to bite me in the near future>

3. Gary02/14/2006 10:56:52 AM

The link to Ed Brill's site about voice mail is incorrect and I can't find it on his site ... am I just missing something here?

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