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I had dinner tonight with a woman I started dating about this time last year.  Sometimes you can go home again, if only to check to make sure the roof hasn't yet caved in.
Normally, I am a huge non-fan of revisiting past relationships.  I figure that if I put everything I can into something, and it doesn't work, you can't really expect a different outcome if the two inputs are still the same.  Still, once in a great while, it's worth a try, because while you were away, circumstances and perspective may have changed and the outcome may be different simply because the reaction catalyzes in a different way.

So, we met up for dinner and ended up talking till past 11.  Simple stuff, like cats and houses and work, but also some other things, like the changes we've both undergone in the last year.  Maybe it's just the sense of mortality I've felt in the last few months, the sense that I am getting sicker and older, but I didn't feel the defensive part of me rise up, a part which had been in abundance the last time I'd been with this particular woman.

We left it at "we'll talk soon."  No, we didn't get all touchy-feely or anything like that, and if we did, there are other places on the net I reserve for the telling of those stories, not here.

Sorry to any of you who were looking for technical content.
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