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Well, I had a first date this evening with a nice young woman from Reston.  She admitted she was nervous meeting for the first time, and stupid me, I tried to act like I wasn't.  Naturally, this manifested itself in other ways.
She's 41, divorced, has no children, and is a bit more attractive than her picture initially suggested.  Then again, the picture she sent had been taken at one of the 2004 Inaugural Balls for the Ape-in-Chief, and I can't imagine anyone looking their best when they're gritting their teeth.  She did change plans at the last minute due to the cold wind out, and wore slacks instead of a skirt.  Those of you who know my appreciation for fine calves know that the idea of not getting to enjoy them for a while is a bit maddening.

Still, I was nervous and tense enough that I ended up with rather painful intestinal cramps.  These felt different than the ones from the other day, when I was writing Lotuscript.  It's pretty bad when you can distinguish between the different kinds.

One thing that delights me about her is that she has an appreciation for gadgets.  She nagged me to open up my Sony Clie and check the results of the ice dancing competition at the Olympics, and was pleased with the web browser in Palm OS 5.2.  Most women seem to be put off that I even own such a thing, let alone bring it and use it on a date.  but hey, she asked...  She also seemed quite interested that I have the Segways.  I've met more than a few women who were quite dismissive of them, and that alone showed me they just didn't understand and saved me the expense of a future date.  As far as expense on this date, not only was it funded by the sale (to a nice young Hawaiian guy in Virginia) of the Sony PSP I won at Lotusphere, but the young lady actually had a coupon for the restaurant we went to, and brought it out unbidden.  My usual thing on first dates is to insist to pay (since, after all, I asked them) and if they persist in offering to cover their part of the cost, suggest they leave the waitpeople a nice tip.

This girl sounds practical.  And she is a baking fanatic.  I've offered to help her move March 1.  After all, I have a station wagon, and I'm a guy.  It's what guys do.

Yes, the PSP now has a new owner, who gets the honor of popping the factory seal.  I was a nice guy and burned a CD of the current PSP software as well as some utilities and sample files that I've found useful with the black boxes.

I didn't realize that there's a Sims available for PSP now.  I guess I'll go and pick up a copy, either using the gift cards that I won in the raffle along with the PSP, or (as the young lady suggested) with cash realized from selling the cards on eBay.  I used to like The Sims on the iBook, except that I hated the way it usually took over the screen and most of the CPU horsepower.

Well, that and the fact I could never get this one character to come out of her unemployment-induced depression to go look for a frickin' job!

So, what else is going on this Presidents Day?  I spent part of the day cleaning, part of the day in traffic, part of the day with this nice young woman, and now am sitting home babysitting a mirror to my Domino server.  I have had an Athlon 1.6Ghz with half a gig of RAM in it sitting in a corner for over a year because I didn't have a use for it.  In it are also contained three Maxtor 120-gig drives on an old Promise SuperTrak IDE-RAID controller, and one of the drives is flaky in the array.  It's currently sitting on 95% formatted of a RAID 5 array and beeping because the controller is encountering bad blocks.  To say that I'm annoyed at Maxtor is a grand understatement.  But hey, CompUSA had a special on them a year or so ago, 120G drives for $99 each without their usual bullshit mail-in rebates.

Am I the only one who sees "...after mail-in rebate" and thinks "what a crock of shit?"

I'll have more to say later, but right now, I'm watching ice dancers drop each other on their faces.
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