PermaLink Not all that optimistic02/27/2006 04:49 PM

Tonight is the second date with the woman from Reston.  I am less optimistic.
I've been talking on the phone to the woman I met from Reston, and coming into this second face-to-face date, I guess I'm not terribly optimistic about how this will turn out.  What I've learned about this woman so far is...
  1. She is a baking fanatic
  2. She watches way more broadcast television than I do
  3. She's extremely attached to her parents (this is not necessarily a bad thing, but the fact that she spends literally every weekend with them in western Virginia makes a weekend social life practically impossible)
  4. She's sort of humorless and has very little "flirt" about her (I like "flirt")
  5. She hates the Ravens.  

By the way, the plurality of responses on the poll over there would tell me that it's not a good idea to try to get back together with this other Virginia woman I used to date.  Recent conversations with her have sort of reinforced that... she's under a lot of stress lately and hasn't been talking straight to me.  I hate when that happens.

The new phone continues to puzzle and annoy me in about equal volumes.  It does have a pleasant ring.

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1. Sean Burgess02/28/2006 04:51:49 PM

Just out of there any chance that she will read this blog? If so, you might have some splaining to do, Turtle!


2. John J Coolidge02/28/2006 09:07:40 AM

Baking is a good thing

She probably watches TV because there is nothing better to do (hint, hint)

She probably spends weekends with her parents because she has no one better to spend them with (hint, hint)

Maybe she will be more flirty and funny once she gets to know you better.

Well I am from Boston so I can't help you with the Ravns thing

Good luck
Always the optimist John

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