PermaLink I am so tired...03/09/2006 01:10 PM

If I didn't have this keyboard in the way, I would be face-down on my desk right now.
I am incredibly, overarchingly tired right now.  It's 1:10 in the afternoon, and I could sleep all afternoon and all night after that.  Bruce, I'm not sure I'm gonna make it to the DCNUG meeting tonight... I worry I'll fall asleep on US29 or something.  I am so, so tired.

I did finally get the signing done on the papers for my home equity loan.  That will pay off the car, a couple of credit cards, and leave me a small pile of dollars with which to do the septic when (not if) it lets go in the near future.  I figured I'd rather have the money now, before rates go up more, than have to chase around finding financing when the toilet is glowing in the dark and emitting sounds of caged monsters or something.  As I said, it shouldn't be this easy to borrow piles of money in America, but being the hassle-averse person that I am, I am guessing it's for the best.

I am having a good time dealing with some moron on Craig's List.  I posted an ad the other day saying how much I liked tall women, and this apparently-short (and definitely short on intellect) foreign woman has been sending me abusive emails from a variety of throwaway accounts since then.  Network guy that I am, it's pretty obvious that they're all the same person:  bad spelling, confused grammar that sounds like a bad question from the Scholastic Aptitude Test or the TOEFL, and a very consistent source IP address.  I've forwarded them all on to Concentric and told them to rip her a new one when they get a chance.  I'm just waiting for her to screw up and post from a work PC... I've gotten people fired for that shit over the years and had absolutely zero sympathy for them.  If you're going to shit on the internet, do it from anywhere but your work PC.  You aren't that valuable to your employer.

Still, it keeps me amused, when stupid people try to outwit me on the net.  None shall pass!
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