PermaLink Pictures from the MDA03/13/2006 02:56 PM

Here are a couple of sample pictures I took with the T-Mobile MDA
The first one, of the Mini Cooper, is a screwup on my part.  I realized later it was taken on the "night" setting, and thus the red is pumped way up.  I didn't have time to reshoot it.

A picture named M2

This next was shot from a fairly dark area of my building out into a very bright outdoors.  Notice that the sharpness ain't there, but the colors are much improved.

A picture named M3

All in all, not the worst 1.3-mpix camera in the world, but the lens appears to suck ass.  My guess is, despite its being advertised as a 1.3 (2.0 in software) mpix, this is happiest at VGA resolution.
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1. Turtle03/13/2006 04:24:24 PM

Aw, man... NOW you tell me!

By the way, these images do look decently sharp when resized in software to 640x512 and run through a sharpen filter. Decent web quality, but don't send them to the New York Times or anything.

2. Declan Lynch03/13/2006 03:28:47 PM

Just to let you know that upgrading to BlogSphere 2.5 will solve the missing image problem your seeing.

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