PermaLink JamFest was rather addictive03/14/2006 06:29 PM

Since JamFest, I've been bugging myself to find somewhere to play.  And then, I chicken out and make excuses.
The other night, I was out at a place I go all the time.  This musician, Slim -- Automatic Slim, thank you -- was there, a guy whose blues band has played at this particular bar numerous times.  We got talking and he was astonished to learn just how much I knew about old-style Chicago electric blues.  At one time, I had one of the busiest early websites on this music in the entire world (we're talking 1995 or 1996, back when such a feat was easy), and have absorbed hundreds of blues lyrics... stuff I don't even know that I know.

Anyway, he said that this week, he and another guitarist from his band are doing an acoustic set, and did I want to come down and sit in on a couple of tunes?  I initially said sure, offering to bring my clarinet.  Figure we could do some old traditional jazz from New Orleans or early swing stuff like Django Reinhardt or Eddie Lang.  As usual, though, as soon as I got home, I started talking myself out of it.

You suck.

You haven't practiced in months.

Your clarinet is dried out.

You don't have any decent reeds.

You look like a toll booth operator, not a bluesman.

But then again, on the other side of the equation, maybe there'll be women.

OK, I'm talking myself back into it now.

Seriously, I've played jazz and blues off and on for more than 25 years now, and still, I always feel like I'm in over my head when I offer to play with people.  I wish I was as confident in my playing as I am in my Domino code.  Where's my clarinet debugger?
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1. Rock03/17/2006 12:06:44 AM

Look, you did a GREAT job at JAMfest. You're a talented guy, and usually a guy who doesn't mind making a fool of himself if the opportunity arises. Why is this different? Go, get up there, have fun - you'll come from it refreshed and excited, people will be surprised how well you do, and you'll wonder afterward why in the world you doubted yourself in the first place.

Oh, and get someone to take pics so we can share in the kewlness!


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