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Sometimes I find it amazing how much Domino stuff I forget I know, merely because the thing is so reliable, I don't need to code all the time.
I could not believe myself.

I had to actually look up the syntax for @LeftBack today.  I needed to have it return me the subset of a string to the left of a midstring dash.  I could not remember how to do it without looking it up.

I realized that it wasn't that I didn't ever know it, it was just that that particular function isn't one I've had to use in a while and without use, those brain muscles go to sleep and then feel all funny when you have to walk on them again.

The thing is, Domino is so damn reliable that once you get a piece of code working, it stays working, pretty nearly forever, even through version changes, platform changes, browser changes, and changes of underwear.  There really aren't that many platforms you can say that about.  I've got code in some of my day-job apps that was originally written for R3 or R4.0x, and without modification, it's still running.  My usual approach is to not screw with things that run reliably, so I never fool with code unless I need to.

Try that with anything Microsoft has ever made.  You can't generally even use Word files in older versions of the product, and that's their frickin' flagship.

Oh, speaking of which:  apparently, the Windows Mobile mail client (basically a perverse form of Outlook for Windows Mobile 5.0) has no setting on which you can tell it, "download a copy of this message from my POP3 server, but leave it on the server, even if I delete it from the handheld.

That's right.  Just like Exchange Public Folders, all deletes are global!

I strongly suggest FlexMail 2006 for your Windows Mobile device, unless you've already found something better, but I'd doubt it.

In other news, I am quite relieved.  Pacific College came within a couple of shots of knocking out Boston College in overtime and completely screwing up one of my NCAAA tournament brackets.
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1. Turtle03/17/2006 03:44:23 PM

Nope. This year, I have them going to the Elite 8, but then getting knocked off by Illinois.

2. Scott Stewart03/17/2006 12:47:26 AM

You did pick Michigan State to advance to the Final Four again, right?? Go State!

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