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St. Patrick's Day is a very strange thing, indeed
Somebody on Craig's List posted the perfectly valid question, are you more likely to get laid on New Year's Eve, or St. Patrick's Day?

I thought about that for abhout three seconds, and realized I'd never had sex on St. Patrick's Day.  Never.  I mean, really, what's the special circumstance that would cause this to happen?  Let's look at it this way:

Coherence:  NYE, many people are at least trying to seem elegant and in control, even if they're not.  SPD, the object seems to be to act as goofy and pseudo-Irish as possible.

Attire:  NYE -- tuxes, sparkly gowns, heels, limousines.  SPD -- green shirts, trinkets from the bar that flash on and off, and plastic bowler hats sticky with beer.

Music:  NYE - swing, good rock, jazz.  SPD -- "Danny Boy."

Beverages:  NYE -- martinis, champagne.  SPD -- green beer.

Food:  NYE -- steak, shrimp, caviar.  SPD -- cabbage.

OK, who are you going to want sex with... a gorgeous woman in a cocktail dress sipping champagne, or a badly-dressed, sticky woman who smells like green Bud Light and whose burps smell of cabbage?
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2. Patrick M03/21/2006 08:51:43 AM

@1 ITA that anybody drinking Bud light on ANY day should keep away from drinking beer at all. We all remember this old joke about fucking close to water, don't we?

People over here (Switzerland) are much more likely to get shit-faced on NYE because they're off from work the day after. I never got laid when out on NYE. Getting laid on SPD is a different matter.

I think my first name helps a bit, too.

3. Clay Goforth03/20/2006 03:04:58 PM

If your City has a SPD parade, then you have a better chance of getting some before 5PM

4. Scott Gentzen03/19/2006 11:54:13 AM

As far as I'm concerned, anyone drinking green Bud Light on St Pat's should be locked up. If they can't handle Guinness, Harp is fairly light.

I don't get why anyone would color bad beer green and drink it because it's St Patrick's Day. You don't see that kind of silliness in Irish pubs around the DC area at least (I'll admit that I haven't been in many away from home).

I understand what you're saying though. NYE and SPD do have much different atmospheres socially. NYE seems to be more geared towards hooking up. All of the dressing up, the kiss at 12, most nice hotels have some kind of event in the ballrooms with room packages, etc.

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