PermaLink George Mason's run to the Final Four was spectacular04/01/2006 10:44 PM

OK, maybe I didn't believe 100% that George Mason would make it to the finals, but it was interesting to think about, and I will miss that in the off-season.
George Mason single-handedly destroyed my NCAA pool brackets.

They beat Michigan State.  I had MSU in the Elite Eight.

They beat North Carolina, who I had in the 16.

I didn't care.  I would have loved to see them win.  It would have been a small repudiation of the "big schools win every year" thing.  True, now I'm watching the LSU/UCLA game and have the same feelings -- LSU did, after all, go through the hurricanes last year and a lot of those guys were from the Gulf Coast -- but even LSU is a 'big school' in the sense that they have contenders most years, and have a long history of great college basketball going back to Pete Maravich back in the 1960s.

Before George Mason University existed.

And don't get me wrong, GMU is a "big school."  The biggest university in the Commonwealth of Virginia, bigger even than the University of Virginia, of which it used to be a satellite.  29,000 students.  But it's not a big sports school, and that's what I wanted to see in the Final Four.  

So, we wait a couple of days, see some big school win, and it all starts again late this fall.

Let's go for the next tip-off.
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