PermaLink Maryland women ROCK!04/04/2006 11:52 PM

The Maryland women's basketball team got the tournament victories they deserved... and earned.
I've just seen one of the finest college basketball games I have ever witnessed.  No, it wasn't UCLA/Florida, it wasn't the George Mason game the other night, it wasn't Michigan State.  It was the University of Maryland women's team, and I never had a doubt for a minute that they'd win it all.

You have to go back to last fall, when the women were ranked #13 preseason, higher than the men's team was ranked at any time during the year.  And while the men's team bounced up and down, into and out of the rankings, the Maryland women ground out their season, steadily working up and up through the rankings until they finished the season #3, having beaten practically everyone of importance.

They then bulldozed the tournament from their #2 seed.  After watching them take apart North Carolina the other night, I had no doubt but that they would take down Duke tonight.  And they did just that, though they made it exciting.  Down 13 points at one point, one old codger in the bar I watched the game at pronounced the game "over."  I humored him, and sure enough, the Maryland team dragged themselves back into the game with tough play and amazing shots, including one with ten seconds left to tie it at 70 and take it to overtime.  In overtime, they gradually shut Duke out, and won it the way they intended to win it:  clean and straight.  Bad officiating turned out to be nothing more than a nuisance.

I watched the Maryland men's team win the championship in 2002, against all predictions, and this was a lot the same.  I wish the men's team this year was that good... after getting a #1 seed in the NIT, they lost to "powerhouse" Manhattan College, who themselves were demolished by "powerhouse" Rutgers the following night.

I was never that much of a sports guy in high school.  But sports has never been so good.  Or so red.
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1. Sean Burgess04/05/2006 11:19:07 AM

Fear the Turtle! Duck Fuke! Maybe Gary will learn to recruit some kids who can actually make 3 point shots.


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