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What does it mean to be "the world's best?"
I was driving home tonight -- late -- and heard a BBC piece about an African guitarist I'd never heard of, but who was described by the BBC as "acknowledged as one of the world's great guitarists."

I had never heard of him prior to tonight, and the only reason I heard of him tonight was, he is dead.

What does it mean to be "the world's greatest... something?"

Is it really "the greatest something as acknowledged by white middle-class people from the United States and Europe?"

One of the things that is dying as the world gets both more overpopulated by humans and more connected by technology is the idea that you are the Best In The WORLD at anything.

Think about that.

When you die, someone you have never heard of, is already better at everything you ever did in your life.

He or she never heard of you, either.
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1. Richard Schwartz04/20/2006 11:47:57 PM

Well, in the case of musicians, the white middle class people from the US and Europe only decide who is popular. And then there are the critics, who think that they're the ones who decide who is great... but it's really the other great musicians who make the call as to who is great. Kind of a self-perpetuating thing there, but it works pretty well.

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