PermaLink I survived that one just fine04/11/2006 03:25 PM

Against my initial instincts, I went and did another speed-dating event.  It was much, much better.  This does not mean I had sex, even quickly.
I admit it... they offered me a discount, and I went.  I might have mentioned that speed-dating thing I went to in Frederick, Maryland a couple of weeks ago.  That was a truly dreadful evening, but when I got an email saying there was an event coming up in Bethesda, much closer to DC and much more urbane, I went.  The 50%-off code didn't hurt.

Now, at the last one, there were maybe seven or eight women, and while the event had been advertised as "single professionals 36-49," the majority of women were at the high end of that range, one was technically not even "single" (sorry, but "separated" is still "married" in most states... ask your lawyer), and the definition of "professional" in Frederick appears to have been stretched so that women who dispatch trucks for the local natural gas company and clerks who push paper at State Farm can be considered "professionals."

After heading over and exchanging the sick iBook for a new one just like it (only not sick), I drove down to Bethesda and found the place.  I checked it out a bit before going in... it was sort of an open-air Mediterranean-themed cantina sort of thing.  Their website said they specialized in martinis.  I was about half an hour early, and went in and ordered what turned out to be the smallest martini I've had since Lotusphere, a truly adorable miniature that of course cost as much as a "real" martini.  I looked around, and saw a scattering of people who just had that waiting-for-something-to-happen look.  Several attractive women, some guys, no clear pattern.  I sat outside on the patio where I could check out the desk where the event coordinator was setting up, and more importantly, check out the other participants.

Let's see... obligatory short guy in a badly-cut suit... check.
Big barrel-shaped guy in a badly-cut suit... check.
Two foreign-looking guys who seemed out of place... check.
Tall, awkward-looking bald guy I remember seeing at the last event... check.

And then, some women.


When a woman who looked interesting came into the bar, and looked like she might be moving toward the check-in table, I found myself muttering, please, please... YES!

This happened several times.  Dark-haired woman in heels and a purple dress.  Two blonde women who looked like they just came from work, one with really cute hair.  Tall, energetic-looking woman with a bit too much of a tan to have come from DC in April.  Several other interesting-looking types.

I went in and got my sticker and we went through the thing.  I was in overload.  I felt like I'd just found the Lost Island Of Smart Single Women My Age Who Do Not Drool Or Have Hairy Arms.  There were a total of eleven women, and while a couple of them didn't particularly appeal to me, I could see where other guys might find them interesting.  All but one or two were quite good conversation, and a plurality were Federal employees or contractors, as well as being single with no children.  Several had multiple cats.

At the end of the night, I checked off at least half a dozen that I'd love to talk to again, and I probably could have checked off two or three more without feeling like I was stretching.  Sometime tonight I'm supposed to get a rundown of who (if any) of the women showed some interest in meeting me again.  We'll see how that turns out, but the evening was definitely worth doing.  I should probably hold off before doing another such event, just to let the well recharge a little.  I hate to think this is the only supply of such women around DC, but I'm being cautious anyway.
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