PermaLink Spam as vengeance04/13/2006 01:50 PM

Looks like the latest thing to do when you're annoyed with someone is to sign them up for all sorts of spam.  Next fad:  beating the hell out of such people.
In the last few days, I've suddenly gotten a small flurry of spam on a mail account which I use only for friends and dates.  Because they all tend to point back toward a particular spam-whorehouse run by an outfit called WorldMotions in Etters, Pennsylvania, what I suspect happened is that some internet date or another got porked off at me and signed me up for spam at one of WorldMotions' numerous spam-blasting sites like,, etc.  Since most spammers don't conduct any verification of whether the recipient actually wants to sign up (unlike most reputable marketers and mailing-list operators), basically the way you pimp someone you don't like is to send their email address to one of these sites, and let the spam start flowing.

Oddly, I remember guys doing this same sort of thing 30 years ago, except in those days, you'd sit in the library reading popular magazines, and you'd tear out those business-reply cards that seemed to be everywhere back in the Seventies to ask for information about the Army or the Marines.  Imagine the hilarity when, three to four weeks later, your 14-year-old friend got a visit from a recruiter!  And we wonder why our military is in such difficult shape these days...

Anyway, since all the spam comes through UUNet/MCI, I've been pounding them with spam reports and headers.  All these domains should be on a blocked-sender list somewhere, so maybe it's just a breakdown in updates or something.  However, one additional pile of spam has been coming from BeliefNet, a Christian mailing-list outfit that should (but doesn't) verify signups for their various religious mailings.  About the only "belief" I have right now is that spammers should be stood up against a wall and hot screwdrivers inserted in their eyes.

But I might change my mind.

I'm supposed to meet one of the women from the speed-dating thing on Monday after work this evening... it's the one I most wanted to hear from, and she sounds quite interested.  We'll see what happens.  I'm wearing my good pink shirt today.
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2. Susana04/20/2011 09:09:16 AM

Yeah, totally. Why don't you drop me a line or two, via email... You sound like a nice guy. Maybe send me a picture of your... erm... little soldier, and we could meet up for a drink or two.

And breakfast.

3. Turtle04/14/2006 03:26:54 PM

UPDATE: the dumbass who's doing this apparently did so from her (I'm assuming it's a her -- I don't give my wireless phone to guys) work account! Even more fun, it's another federal agency that this person works for, and a rather small one. I'm 99% sure that I know who it is, and kindly emailed them a note containing a reference to Maryland statute which lists identity theft and criminal impersonation as felonies... hope she doesn't value her employment much.

Advice to you kids out there: do not piss off network engineers, for they have long memories and can make your life a living hell for much longer than it'll take those two late-night glasses of chardonnay to wear off.

More on this as it develops.

4. Lib04/14/2006 09:50:07 AM

Would you believe I thought I'd had the same thing happen to me about 2 years ago? I might have been wrong, but it really seemed like a huge bump in a particular type of spam message all at the same time.

Ah well. I got better at deflecting spam at that point, so I learned something, anyway.

Good luck on the date...

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