PermaLink The music is still in my head04/21/2006 04:05 PM

The show I saw last Saturday in New York, Grey Gardens, has left a nice imprint in my brain.
Most of the week, the music from the show -- and literally, every song was worthwhile and several were spectacularly good -- has been rebounding around my head.  I get like that sometimes, when a particular piece will stick in there and that will be the theme for the day, or the week (or, as in the case one time, for seven months -- and what was worse was, it was "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" from The Beverly Hillbillies).

So I've heard Christine Ebersole and Sara Gettelfinger's voices in my head most of this week.  Supposedly, they were recording the cast album yesterday, so I'll hope it shows up on the website in a few weeks.  This will be after the show regrettably closes to make way for a new production in the same space.

Among other things that have also shared space in my head this week were two different recordings of the 1920s classic, "Tiger Rag," one the 1935 Benny Goodman Trio recording with Benny, Gene Krupa on drums and Teddy Wilson on piano, and the other, the masterpiece recording of it in the late 1920s by Jelly Roll Morton.  If you haven't heard either of these, go get them, or wait for whenever I get around to recording a new podcast, which should be soon now that I have a surplus of fast Apples around to do the production.

Not a lot to say today, just trying to not be too exhausted (I go back for yet another appointment with Kaiser on Monday) and not too discouraged about the lack of anything tangible happening in my social life lately.  A lot of talk, no action.  Yet.
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