PermaLink Cat breath! Yuck!04/24/2006 01:57 PM

Gus had truly horrendous cat breath this weekend, so he's at the vet.  My breath is fine, but I went to the doctor, too.
Gus had a faceful of drool when I picked him up Saturday evening, and his cat breath was enough to remove some of the spackle from the wall behind us.  While he wouldn't let me take a look in his enormous guslike mouth, I figured that based on past experience, one of two things had happened:  he was having some dental problems, or some kidney problems.  One is manageable, the other is dangerous.

This morning, I took him over to the vet.  Within hours I got a call back saying Gus had had an abscessed tooth in front, which was easily removed, and he was going home with some antibiotics (and hopefully some kitty Altoids or something -- glad the spearmint is sprouting near the porch and I can mix it into his food).  I was much relieved, since kidney failure and the resulting ketosis is almost always fatal within a year or two for large cats, and Gus is an extremely large cat.  He has his own zip code and you can't see one end of him from the other due to the curvature of the Earth.  I imagine he's sitting in a cage at the vet's now, proclaiming his admiration for Houston Rockets center Yao Ming.  Or just saying, "yao" a lot.  Gus is extremely formal, so having him drool would be like seeing Winston Churchill drool (which probably happened in his later years due to several strokes).

I also went to the doctor.  In the ongoing adventure of trying to figure out my horrendous sleep problems (I was up until nearly 2:30 again last night) this time they're trying something else, and going after my somewhat-elevated blood pressure.  I've been taking antidepressants since 2002, and the type I take, called selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, can cause elevated blood pressure and things like that.  How this could bear on my sleep patterns, I'm not sure, but they're still studying me and I think this new guy just took the opportunity to get me on blood pressure medication.  My regular guy is sort of old-school and just yells at me to eat less (I already eat fairly little) and lose weight through exercise, but I think this new guys sees the logic whereby it's hard to get much exercise when I have barely enough energy to get to work and get home, let alone go out running or something.  Running is ridiculous for me, anyway, due to bad ankles.  I did get out on my bike for a couple of miles yesterday now that the rain has ended for a while, and I could feel the blood pounding in my ears.  Dangerous.

I have never been much of a believer in pills to cure stuff, but I'm sort of in a quandary here and I need to try something.  I still don't have a will, so dying right now would be pretty damn inconvenient, and the cats are liable to run out of food.

Gus, of course, has plenty of fat to live off of.
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1. Devin Olson05/02/2006 12:23:48 PM

I'm not a believer in pills either; but you've got to take care of yourself. If reasonable medication will enable you (through increased energy or what have you) to do the things you need to do in order to remain healthy (eg: cardio + weight training + proper diet + plenty of sleep) then by all means take the pills.

My "episode" last year ( ) scared the crap out of me; and since then I'm eating better and forcing myself to relax and sleep more. I'm still a fat pig, but at least I'm a healthy fat pig. I would hate for you to go through something similar.

Take care of yourself my friend,

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