PermaLink I am officially middle-aged04/25/2006 03:30 PM

It's official:  I am now middle-aged, thanks to a new prescription
Somehow I managed to hold it off for years, but I am now one of the zillions of people stuck with taking medication for high blood pressure.  I don't particularly care for it, but the other option is having a stroke or kidney failure or something, and by comparison, taking a pill smaller than a Tic-Tac every day is a small price to pay.  Part of the reason the pressure is high is the fact that I'm larger than I should be, but the other components are the SSRIs I'm taking for depression (many of them can elevate blood pressure) and my truly crappy sleep patterns, which can reduce blood oxygen levels and raise blood pressure as your organs call for more oxygen.

I don't want to end up one of the people who have five or six or eight pills to take every day.  I'll run out of space in the door pocket of the Volkswagen if I do, since that's where my medication resides.

In other news, the repaired MDA is on its way back from California and should be here tomorrow, ready to load back up with the numbers of pleasant young women.

Sh'yeah, right.

I am at the "early email" stage with probably half a dozen such women right about now.  How the hell hard is it to just call on the phone, set up a date and meet?  No, a couple of these women are the timid sort, and want to drag out the email stage far, far too long.  My experience in the past has said that women who want to email forever are uncertain about whether you're a nice guy, and rather than meet you in person, they'd rather email for months so that you will eventually reveal some minor fact or opinion that they can they use to flush you.  Call it a bit cynical, but I've seen it happen much more often than not.  Most of the women I've been happiest with since my divorce have been the sort who want to get to the in-person stuff as rapidly as possible, not because they dislike email, but because they like figuring things out in person, and I admire that.

There's one woman in particular I expect to get the "best of luck" email from shortly.  She's been dragging the email out for nearly a month now, we've talked once on the phone, and I fully expect that she'll either decide I'm too impatient or else that I don't show enough interest in her, despite her own lackadaisical attitude.  You just watch.  See also, "unmarried women in their 40s who are that way for a damn good reason."

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