PermaLink The phone is back, and better04/27/2006 01:04 PM

I got my repaired phone back from California, and while it's still Windows, at least the screen works again.

Federal Express delivered my newly-repaired T-Mobile MDA yesterday.  I was surprised that they hadn't needed to erase the memory in it to do the repair, which means that certain unsaved phone numbers (mostly women) were still in there.  If you have a broken Pocket PC, I can recommend these guys:  
PocketPC Techs.  $159 plus shipping, and they sent me back the unit with a new screen, clean and bright, and no hassles involved.

My next adventure:  trying to find my stylus for it.  PPCT warned me not to include any accessories, so I took the MiniSD card out as well as the stylus, and while the card was still on my desk, ready to use again, I can't find the stick anywhere.  As expected, T-Mobile doesn't offer it on their website as an accessory, so stupid me, I emailed them asking where I can find one.  I fully expect them to tell me their only suggestion is to buy a whole new phone, whereupon I will probably find the nearest T-Mobile store and take a craptastic dump through their mail slot.

In a couple of weeks, I'll post a rundown of the most interesting or useful non-Microsoft software add-ons for this unit.  I've found quite a few but am still juggling the collection to decide what I want to keep for real.  One item I've tried and decided to reject is FlexMail from WebIS... while it offers one crucial feature that the Microsoft mail application doesn't -- the ability to leave mail on the server even if you delete it from the handheld -- its truly staggeringly slow speed at downloading email causes me to rule it out as a serious tool.  I've emailed the developers and told them this.  But there are other useful things, and I'll review them later, when I get a chance.

For some reason, I've had much better results lately at talking with women who are at a great distance.  For instance, one of the most intriguing women I've talked to in recent weeks is in North Carolina, teaching at a small school near Cape Hatteras.  Another is currently in Jerusalem with the State Department, and while she'll be back in Virginia in early June, she already said that she's going to Sudan in September, so I guess unless I want to have a short summer romance, I shouldn't latch onto her.  Still another woman is a gorgeous artist and musician in Manhattan.

Local women are problematic.  Here are these interesting women who aren't put off by hundreds or even thousands of miles, and DC-area women get miffed if I ask them to meet anywhere north of U Street.  Spoiled, spoiled.

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