PermaLink It's about sleep04/28/2006 05:53 PM

Calm down, it's about actual sleeping, not sleeping WITH someone...
My sleep really is going to kill me.  The latest thing that seems to happen is that if I lie down long enough without falling asleep, I get some sort of acid reflux, which hurts and both keeps me up and makes me congested somehow.

I feel old.

Someone at work has no idea of what's useful and what isn't.  I was wandering down a hall the other day, and someone had thrown out a set of cables for a Samsung SyncMaster LCD monitor.  The VGA cable, whoopee, the power cable, who cares, but they also threw away a DVI cable.  If you have a high-definition television, you probably have a DVI plug on the back of it, and most high-end Apples have DVI output.  The cables are damn expensive, though... at Best Buy, a six-foot cable is over $70 and a 12-foot is nearly $100.  I of course appropriated the discarded cable and will use it to turn one of my HD-ready sets into a gigantic second monitor for my MacBook.

No social prospects for the weekend... there's an intriguing local woman I've been emailing for a few days whose online profile I'd first seen back in 2002, and finally we may actually meet.  Not this weekend, of course, or next week... the world is never that convenient.  No one else seems like a serious possibility just now, at least no one particularly local.  The most interesting women are at a distance... Chicago, North Carolina, Manhattan.  And even as mobile as I am, nothing ever happens fast enough.
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