PermaLink Snot! Give me snot and nothing bot!05/15/2006 03:49 PM

I haven't produced this much snot since my divorce.

Over the weekend, I acquired several new things.  First was an appreciation for the optimism some women can still bring to meeting new people.  Second was an appreciation for just how stupidly most Virginians drive.  Third was a roaring good sinus cold.

This last one worries me most, since it was barely over a year ago that I broke an eardrum due to an out-of-control sinus infection that got into my middle ear and was initially mistreated by Kaiser with wimpy drugs.  When I woke up today, I was aware of pressure in my right ear and about a 3dB hearing loss on that side.  I blew my nose really carefully, and since what came out didn't indicate the same kind of infection I had last year, I was a little more relaxed, though no more comfortable.  Since getting into work, I've being going through reams of those horrible brown paper towels they have in the men's room, the ones that are probably some sort of low-grade abrasive marketed by 3M Corporation.  If this goes on much longer, I'll have no nose left and I'll end up looking like Michael Jackson.

Now, about the lady.  On the spur of the moment Saturday, she called me and suggested that rather than meet next weekend, we might meet up this weekend.  This is something of a logistical challenge, since the lady in question lives in northeast North Carolina and I live... well, not there.  We agreed to meet in Richmond, since our other choice, Williamsburg, was likely to be overrun by people this weekend of commencement at the College of William & Mary.

Richmond turned out to be a good choice.  We spent the afternoon wandering around, talking, looking at things in the older area of Richmond down near the river, had a drink and talked some more, then had dinner at Morton's.  The place was jammed with Mother's Day celebrants, but we had a nice dinner nonetheless, but then we each had to go our separate ways.  I'll hope to see her again, soon.

The trip back was the usual adventure in "how stupid can Virginians be on the road this time?"  My head was gradually getting puffier and I exhausted my supply of paper napkins from a variety of fast-food drive-thrus that I always keep in the car for emergency purposes.

Today, I'm ingesting Sudafed and waiting for the rains to end.  My yard is incredibly tall and shaggy, and if I let it go much longer, I won't be able to get the small tractor through it and will have to light up the Ford with the brush cutter on it.  That's assuming the rain ends sometime this week.  There's a chance it won't rain on Wednesday, so perhaps that's my chance.

Wednesday would have been my mother's 63rd birthday.

By the way, I got a truly great T-shirt in the mail this morning:

A picture named M2

You can get yours at  You can also get some terrific music there.  Do it.

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