PermaLink Yes, it's definitely desert-or-jungle06/01/2006 04:57 PM

After months of having nothing to talk about, suddenly I have far too much stuff to talk about and am not sure how to do it.
How does it seem to happen that one minute, I can't seem to find anyone who appeals to me, and the next minute, I am surrounded by them?  Why does this always work out this way?

I spent a truly amazing weekend in Nag's Head, North Carolina with a woman we'll call Kelly.  We spent the weekend wandering around on the beaches and up and down the islands, we met a very personable cat, I had a truly absurd amount of seafood and acquired a taste for snow crab claws and Dungeness crab.  And yes, there were other entertaining events.  Kelly and I got along terrifically well.

And now this week, and this weekend, I've suddenly found another amazing woman, this time near Princeton, New Jersey.  A musician and fan of rabbits and elegant clothes, she and I talk intensively in a way that seems almost extinct these days.  I am going up to see her this weekend.

And yes, this means that at some point really, really soon, I will need to make a choice.  It's like going from the desert to a jungle.  Seems appealing when you think about it, until you realize that the jungle has its own drawbacks.

Choices suck, but they have to be made, for the turtle who hesitates loses everything.

I hate the jungle.  But I hated the desert worse.
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