PermaLink Love finds the Turtle06/05/2006 11:14 AM

After a long time in the desert, I really, really have found someone.  Let's watch as I figure out a way to foul it up.
Yes, I know I've been less-than-daily in my updates, which probably means Ed Brill will never get around to linking to me, but this time I have a valid excuse:  I have a girl!  Yes, can you believe it?  An actual adult female human partner.  Just when I'd pretty much given up trying to find one, one found me, and it's been like having a piano dropped on my head in one of those Warner Bros. cartoons from the early Fifties.

So, a short pause while I talk about her, since she will doubtless be appearing in my life for some time to come.

We'll call her Suzanne, mostly because it's easier to pronounce than her name and protects her from the prying eyes of you Sphereians who are quick on the GoogleIt! button.  She's 41, formerly an attorney in Washington, DC and now living temporarily in New Jersey after going back to graduate school again.  She's rather interested in getting back to the DC area, which dovetails well with my wanting her to move back here.  She's absurdly intelligent and witty, she "gets" things easily, she has an extremely nice voice (though I have to affirm that she can't sing well, so don't expect her at karaoke at Kimono's in the Swan).  And yes, she's attractive in that way that I like:  tall, willowy, dark-haired, bright-eyed.  And cute calves that she really likes to show off.

I can't easily describe just how easy it is to be with her.  She understands things in an intuitive way that's a little disarming to me.  We share a lot of values and ideas, everything from total openness and honesty to dislike of Brussels sprouts and bratty children in public.  We're familiar with lots of the same little pieces of culture, have a lot of common experiences in our lives and meeting her was the most calming experience I've had in many years.  I haven't been this powerfully attracted to anyone in...  jeez, I don't know, maybe ever.  At least 20 years.

And most importantly, she likes me.  I think it's fair to say we've both fallen sickeningly, goofily in love with each other.  But it's got a sensible edge to it, as if it's adults pretending to be 16 years old (mostly because it's so fun) but knowing we have the means and the patience to see each other when we can and interleave our lives as we wish.  Her rabbits like me, and I'm sure the cats will enjoy her as well.

I'm already on the wall above her computer in her kitchen, and she just took up residence in the frame atop my PC at work.  I wish you could see it.

It's hopeless.

Be glad you're not here right now, I'd talk all day about her until you tell me to just shut the hell up.
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1. Ray "The Lion King" Bilyk06/17/2006 02:03:55 AM

She sounds great, Turtle! Best of luck to both of you....

And as far as singing at Kimono's, many of us can't sing, but it's about the song just as much as the singing. If she likes to have fun (like you), she'll be fine!

2. Turtle06/07/2006 01:42:10 PM

As far as I know, Suzanne doesn't read the site, though she knows it exists and knows I write about her (as well as just about anything else I can get my brain around). I'll probably show it to her this weekend, so she has some idea of what I'm really writing about here.

3. Kelly G06/07/2006 10:21:26 AM

Hey Turtle... I've been watching your blog, but haven't commented... Anyway, glad to see that the social life is turning around for you. It's apparent that there has been a void in your life; glad to see that you have found someone to fill it.

4. NH06/07/2006 02:31:07 AM

Ah, the intraweb... Does she read the site?

Best of luck with it. Sadly, I'm old and attached, so I don't get to wax lyrical about young love any more...

5. The Turtle06/07/2006 12:48:25 AM


6. NH06/06/2006 06:41:03 PM

Does this mean I need to change my vote over there ---> from "the lack of sex" to something else?

7. The Turtle06/06/2006 06:30:45 PM

Yes, actually, she is, which suits both of us just fine.

8. Patrick M06/06/2006 09:23:28 AM

Good one, Turtle. Guess she's got to be CF, too?


9. Wild Bill06/05/2006 05:54:33 PM

Awwww. Nice one!

Remember, I'm 40 in just a few months. take her along....

---* Bill

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