PermaLink Saying "yes" is kinda nice06/08/2006 10:53 AM

You people already know this, but the degree to which Domino lets you say "yes" when other developers have to say "no" is amazing.
Remember the show Name That Tune?  They gave a clue about a piece of music, and the contestants would sort of Dutch-auction each other in terms of how many notes they might need to be able to identify the music?  When one contestant figured they couldn't go any lower, they'd challenge the other contestant to "name that tune."

Well, I use that phrase a lot when it comes to Domino, and today I got to use it again.

There was this other department here... they maintain a list of vendors that employers can use to perform certain electronic services for them.  For years, this list has been static HTML and it's way outdated.  They idea they had was, how about if we let the vendors submit their own corporate contact information to the website?  They shopped that idea around the organization and found nobody who would or could do it for them.

You know where I'm going with this, right?

They contacted us last week, and the application was so simple I hacked it out in less than an hour the other day and even loaded it up with hundreds of documents from their existing website.  When we met with them this morning about whether we could do the app for them, I literally said, "let me just say three words:  name that tune."  I then took them across the room to a PC and showed them their application already working.  With all the new features they'd mentioned in their email.  It's a little crude-looking, but that's nothing that applying their existing site's style sheet wouldn't take care of...

I kind of wish that all systems were this simple.

I also wish I had the patience to hack up the BlogSphere template to provide for multiple categories, because this one probably belongs in at least "Domino" and "dating."  Probably a few others, as well.  Suzanne and I have fallen into a nice habit where, once she's out of the shower and dressed for work, she Skypes me, I answer the MacBook, which is on the bed next to my pillow, and we talk just as if we were actually lying a few inches from each other, rather than a hundred-fifty miles apart.  It's very compelling, because the sound quality of the MacBook's speakers and the sound quality of Suzanne's Logitech USB headset are an excellent match.  She sounds like she's right next to me.

This also has the added advantage of waking me up and convincing me to get out of bed, no matter how tired I am.

And has the added disadvantage of reminding me that she's three hours away.  Bother.

I'll be up there again this weekend, so the last couple of days of this week involve doing laundry, cleaning my house, and airing out my car.  The interior got a little wet in the rain last week and on hot days it smells like an old towel left in a heap.  Nothing that a few days of sun and ventilation won't correct, of course.

This may seem completely unrelated, but it's a question for you women out there:  how can you stand to wear pumps without nylons?  I mean, I wouldn't wear my dress shoes without socks, but particularly as it gets a little warmer, you see a lot of professional women with bare legs.  That wouldn't be so bad, except that a lot fewer women have good "bare" legs than think they do.  There are a lot of gnarly ankles and feet and veined legs lurking out there during the workday.  Believe me, nylons help.  Without them, don't you get blisters?  This is just something that's made me wonder for a while.

Like I said, multiple categories would have been nice.
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1. ChangeWarrior (Deb)06/20/2006 06:45:02 PM

Well thank ye, kind Sir. [blushing...seriously]
But I don't think you've ever seen me without nylons.
I'm one of those old fashioned types who just don't feel it's right to go hose-less in a professional environment.
Casual...fine; just not at work.
Flip-flops...funny...haven't worn a pair since I was a kid.
I actually think it's cool that I get to wear grown-up shoes now.
And being only 5'3", heels add a certain stature that I really enjoy.
Though, having said that, I'm not a shoe-hound like most women.
Jackets, though, now that's another story.

2. Turtle06/19/2006 03:21:30 PM

Hadn't thought about that... but as I said, one of the things I dread about summer is women who think that they have good legs, and don't, going completely bare-legged.


And hey, Deb, you've got pretty good legs, if you don't mind my saying so!

3. ChangeWarrior (Deb)06/16/2006 10:00:50 PM

You should both try wearing nylons...they feel quite nice (the good quality ones anyhow) ... LOL
As for wearing shoes without nylons, it really depends on the shoes. Most women's summer shoes breathe. They're open-toed, or more like high-heeled sandals. They're meant to be worn without nylons. Air flows over and around the foot and it's much cooler.
One can wear pumps without nylons if the shoe material is a natural fibre...leather, for example...something that breathes (i.e. allows moisture to pass through the material and evaporate).
I seriously don't recommend man-made products if one is going hose-less. With normal foot moisture (or more if the reason for going hose-less is that it's a warm day) trapped in the shoe...well...I won't go into gory detail. I'm sure you can figure out why it's a bad idea. And, since the man-made fibres tend to trap heat as well, it does get quite uncomfortable.


4. Sean Burgess06/11/2006 07:39:54 AM

I guess the sarcasm was missing from the first sentence. It sounded much better in my head.


5. The Turtle06/09/2006 07:03:48 AM

Hi, Sean... actually I own neither sandals nor nylons, this was a speculative question for the women readers.

6. Sean Burgess06/09/2006 12:58:50 AM

You don't wear nylons with your sandles, do you? I'd much rather see a pair of bare legs and feet in nice shoes than have them clad in nylons all the time. Stockings have their place, but it's usually for special occasions.


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