PermaLink Everything I own is busted!06/19/2006 03:28 PM

Does every damn thing I own have to break all at the same time?
This weekend was more or less a waste of time.  I did some more cleaning and rearranging in preparation for Suzanne coming to visit next weekend, but in a couple of important ways I was completely stymied.

Wanted to cut the grass, but my just-over-a-year-old Husqvarna tractor is running like crap.  Fuel starvation, though there's plenty of fuel in the tank, the filter is flowing free, the pump is putting out fuel, and I took the carburetor out and blew out every orifice I could locate with compressed air.  I figured, OK, I'll light up the old 1960 International.  It had a dead battery, and my jumper box wasn't charged, so I jump-started it off the Volkswagen.  It then started leaking fuel, and I moved it to where I could work on it more easily, but could not persuade it to not drip $2.93/gallon fuel all over the barnyard, so I shut it down and figured I'd work on it when it wasn't so hot out... the pavement was too hot for me to sit on, and I literally could not go into the house often enough to stay hydrated.

The Volkswagen itself has to go for emissions testing, but it's had a dash light on for a while and regardless of what the light means, the automated electronic tester will fail the car if there's a light on the dash.  Won't matter if its emissions are perfectly fine, if it's got a dash light on, it fails.  Who the fuck thought that up?

And last but not least, I have to replace the water filter again... the elements are supposed to last three months, but in my house they usually last about one month, even given the small amount of water I use: a couple of toilet flushes and a shower a day, a couple of tanks of water for the cats, a load or two of laundry.  The silt and haze overwhelm the filter.  I think I may call the well-driller who cut the well in the first place and see if they can recommend something that will clear the well up so it's not so cloudy.  Something other than a lifetime of disposable filters!

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