PermaLink Just some random news and stuff07/13/2006 02:38 PM

In which I seek a new car, muse about women, talk about cat hair and other highly amusing topics

Since Marnie's death, the house hierarchy has been in chaos.  I hadn't realized that she had such a commanding presence in the house, but she apparently did.  The other cats spend their days wandering around or following me, few disagreements are breaking out, and there doesn't appear to be a "center" to the cat culture.  It's like the hub to the wheel disappeared with Marnie, and the other cats aren't sure where they fit any more.

However, they are generating a truly majestic amount of cat-hair.  Both Fred and Anya are rather matted, to the point where I think I may have to get the clipppers and cut the mats out en masse.  I sat up with Bert the other night digging out the thick underfur he sheds, and got a volume of hair equal in size to Bert himself.  It took up half a trash can, and there's far more.  Gus needs to be brushed, as does Audrey, though I know she won't sit still for it.  Everyone else seems to be under control, at least for the moment.  The cat hair clogged up my Roomba Red last week to where I had to take it apart to get the random lumps of fur out of its jaws.  It's better now, but it seems to fear the cat hair now and won't pick it up as well.

I've been watching an eBay auction I ran across the other day.  I realized that I'm spending over $125 a week on gasoline, and after doing some math, I figured out that if I managed to find my same car except with the TDI engine, I could basically cut my fuel cost in half, partly because the thing would get around 45mpg instead of my Passat's barely-25, and because around here, diesel costs about fifteen cents a gallon less.  By my figuring, the savings could be as much as sixty bucks a week, meaning that even if I overpaid for such a car, I'd come out more than even within a year.  I could sell my Passat at a discount and not get too upset about it.  I sorta overpaid for it in the first place, but I needed a car last fall, so...

Anyway, the particular one I'm looking at is edging just up over four thousand dollars -- its book value is around $4500, but these are interesting times and the TDI cars are going for a premium -- and it has several days left on the auction.  I intend to win it.

I've had some really interesting talks the last couple of nights and mornings with Suzanne... she keeps surprising me with her attitudes about many things, including sex.  I guess I've been too wary as a result of experience with too many women over the last few years.  No sense penalizing her for that.  Anyway, she has a very open way of talking about things, and I'm getting both used to it and spoiled by it.  I've been sending her links to various things I find on the net in which I think she'd look good... her closet is a little old and a little dowdy and she could easily stand to freshen it up.  With pretty minimal encouragement, she's mostly ditched what I call her "old-lady brown" cheap nylons and invested in better-fitting, better-matched ones.  She's also been looking for dance shoes, so that maybe I can resume dance classes again, knowing I really have a partner who'll be around a while.

Yeah, it's like that.  We've already measured my house for her piano... did I mention that?
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