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I finally got around to getting a decent digital SLR, and it changes my outlook on things.

I have had digital cameras since sometime around 1997, when I bought a venerable little starter camera, the Kodak DC-20.  Capable of holding a massive eight shots at an incredible 500x400, possessing no LCD screen and communcating only through a strange and slow serial line, I started shooting digital and have basically never gone back to film since.  In the intervening years, other cameras moved into prominence... the excellent little Olympus D340, a Fuji Finepix 2600Z with a remarkable-for-the-time-and-good-even-now 6X zoom, a cheap Concord camera, and not one but two of the spectacular little Sony DSC -U30, one because I thought it was cool and two because I wanted to have a spare when the first would inevitably die (which it did a few months ago after shooting around 14,000 pictures).

Well, the mantle has been passed to a Nikon D50, a full digital SLR that accepts normal Nikon lenses and which has changed my view of what digital cameras could and should be.  With 3500x2000 resolution, essentially zero startup time, and practically zero shutter lag and a $700 price tag, as well as a pile of interesting controls and features I have barely started to explore, this thing has really gotten to me.  Today Suzanne and I went to the Howard County Fair and I shot more than one hundred pictures at max resolution and barely made a dent in the battery life.  I used barely half of the storage in a one-gig SD card (this is the only Nikon digital SLR that uses SD cards; most of the others like CompactFlash).  It's easy to learn, easy to use, well-built and comfortable.  Go buy a bunch of them so that Nikon always makes parts for this one, OK?

I'd upload some images from the tractor show, but it's 3 in the morning and I'm tired.

Well, OK, just one... but I have resized this one and it's not as spectacular here as it should be.
A picture named M2
Deal with it.

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