PermaLink Rain09/01/2006 05:03 PM

Here I am, about to drive a hundred-fifty miles for sex.  Well, there's more to it than that, of course...
This is my weekend to go up and see Suzanne.  She's taking me out for my birthday (which is actually not until next week) and a couple of other nights, we're going to New York for shows.  

Did I mention the rain?  The leftovers of Tropical Storm Ernesto are about to roll over the Baltimore/DC area shortly, which means I had better get my ass out the door and up and around the Baltimore Beltway before stupid people emerge and start screwing up traffic by picking their asses while driving.  If I can get to the north side of town before something horrendous happens, I'll be OK all the way up to New Jersey, but I have failed in the past to properly assess the stupidity of drivers in this area, so I'm not optimistic about it being a clean ride.

I took the red Passat over to get its oil changed.  This past week, I had the chip in the car reprogrammed, and it is now unbelievably fast, if you can picture an "unbelievably fast" station wagon.  Seriously, though... for $150 and the price of an hour's time, I got back 60 new horsepower and another 50 or 60 foot-pounds of torque.  What this means in real terms is that it can now out-accelerate almost anything even remotely near its size, and several larger cars, as well.  It's faster and much more powerful even than my late Saab, the deer-struck one it replaced.

Suzanne has been wondering about what to do for a living.  She thinks more and more that she wants to go back to lawyerin', though in a much different vein than what she had done for years for the government in DC.  She just seems unhappy with doing things professionally that are too tightly tied to the church stuff, and she feels insecure about what she makes.   True, I can't imagine how any adult can live on what she's making right now with her internship, but even if she did it full-time professionally, the church isn't a way to make your mortgage payments.  Still, getting back into the legal field has its down side for her, as well, and I'm trying to help her ease that through without letting her get all antsy about it.  No sense worrying too much about it... combined, we'd be making OK money and if she found a job anywhere near the kind of salary I have, I can easily see George Bush thinking of us as his potential good buddy.

I am gonna go puke now.

I guess it's almost time to go haul myself onto the roads.  Time to plug in the GPS and turn on the stereo, and hope other people run completely off the road instead of crashing in the middle of it all.  The one good thing about all this rain is its potential to restart my spring, which hasn't run in some five weeks or so.  I am down to about 20 gallons of good water, and that's not enough.

So, tonight will involve rain, driving, possibly some sushi, and hopefully some fooling around while listening to water fall from the sky.  We'll see how it turns out.

I'm working on a killer Lotusphere abstract... stay tuned.
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