PermaLink Mystery failures! Don't you love 'em?09/13/2006 05:23 PM

Among the things misbehaving these days:  my Blackberry, my TDI, and the plumbing in the bathroom.  That cats are misbehaving is to be assumed.
Does anybody out there have experience troubleshooting Blackberry devices connected to Outlook (gag) email?  

How about figuring out the gear selectors on a Volkswagen five-speed M2 transmission?

Plumbing I can figure out.

Seems like everything's on the rampage again.  The Blackberry they handed me at work hasn't successfully sent or received any work-related emails in nearly a month, and nobody on our support squad seems to know why.  I already sent it over to the IT people who pronounced it cured, but of course, it wasn't.  I've done all the troubleshooting I know to do, including wiping the device, removing and reinstalling the Blackberry software (we don't have an enterprise server redirector to my knowledge, it's all desktop redirection), together with the usual swearing at anything that's Windows-based, and while every other function of the thing is fine, including non-Outlook email and syncing of Outlook addresses and to-do items, it absolutely refuses to do anything with email.

If you have any good suggestions, send me a private email and I'll buy you a beer at Lotusphere.  Speaking of which, I got my usual Dolphin reservation in today... I hadn't thought much about it until a friend of mine mentioned that she had gotten into Dolphin the other day, and I figured I'd better get at it lest I end up in some non-fish-themed hotel I wouldn't like.

The TDI is a little odder.  This last weekend, we were driving up to see my father in western New York on his 70th birthday.  I got into the wrong lane at one of the toll barriers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and had to back up rapidly, and when I stopped and went forward again, I found that 3rd and 5th gears were no longer accessible, and reverse and first were grumpy.  There wasn't anything obviously broken, so all I can think is that the torque when the car was backing up pulled something out of adjustment, and I'll have to adjust it when Suzanne gets down here again.  We completed the rest of the trip (nearly 1000 more miles) with just second and fourth gear.  Got to love an engine that can drag the car from 20mph to 80mph.  This after taking off in second gear!  It did drag the mileage down, though... only about 40mpg instead of 45.  I've looked at the service manual and it appears that one of the cables to adjust where the gear lever ends up may have pulled out of adjustment, and I can adjust it back, though it's a lot easier if I have help.  I guess I'll wait till this weekend, when Suzanne is supposedly down here.  Her schedule, though, drags her back to New Jersey on Sunday evening rather than Monday morning, so I am wondering if it's even worthwhile for her to come down this weekend.  She seems to think so... rabbit judging at the Frederick Fair is Sunday morning.

Speaking of rabbits, we found that my youngest half-brother and his girlfriend have a rabbit, so of course Suzanne and they had to share wabbit stories and share pictures.  Fortunately, I've taken lots of pictures of her wabbits (usually while they're dispensing raisinets all over the floor) so they had a lot to talk about.

The plumbing is finicky.  It was dribbling Friday morning when I left, so I just turned the water off to the whole house and figured I'd deal with it when I got back.  I got back, and eventually figured out that the cold water lines were fine, it was just the hot water to the tub that was leaking, yet this morning, when I lit it up to take a quick shower, it refused to dribble.  Not wanting to push it, I turned just that line off, meaning I can still do laundry and clean things in the kitchen sink without the bathtub line leaking.  Fixing it will involve tearing out the entire center-rear of the living room ceiling (it needs to be fixed anyway, thanks to a radiator leak a few years ago) and I'm not looking forward to it.  This isn't your modern wallboard up there, it's old style cloth-backed plaster and it will make an unreal mess.


Somewhere around here I have a Hugh Jass(tm) brand dropcloth, which should minimize any crud getting onto the rug, the furniture, or into the iMac or the servers.

Speaking of servers, if you notice that this site is down, there's a reasonable explanation:  Linksys' uncharacteristically-shitty WGC-200 all-in-one cablemodem/router/WAP.  Turns out the thing can't handle long bursts of heavy traffic, and when it's subjected to it, it dies and disconnects from the cable in a way that prevents it from being reset remotely.  I have to physically go to the unit and turn it off, then turn it back on.  Normally, this isn't a big deal, but last night when all three Apples were attempting to download the new iTunes 7.0 and the update to QuickTime that it requires, it died several times and had to be sworn at.  If you have one of these units, be advised that several people have gotten Linksys to replace it, but not with a new WGC-200... instead, Linksys' solution is to send people a separate WRT-54G router/WAP and a Linksys cable modem!  I understand that the real pain in the ass is getting the Linksys techs to acknowledge the problem.  There's apparently no firmware fix for this problem because the device may or may not support downloadable firmware!  Sounds pretty stooopid to me...

Stay tuned.  And help me with my Blackberry!
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