PermaLink Forgiveness vs. permission09/18/2006 05:53 PM

Has anyone but me noticed that when the Bush people do something illegal and get caught, they react differently than anybody else has?
It seems very strange.

When Warren Harding's henchmen got sucked up into the Teapot Dome oil-speculation scandal of the early 1920s, and were caught, they stopped doing it.

When Richard Nixon was caught lying about activities surrounding his re-election campaign of 1972, refused to hand over the Watergate tapes, the Supreme Court told him he had to, so he did it.  And resigned.

When the Reagan staff was caught dealing arms for hostages and dealing with Iran-Contra, they folded up the operation and stopped doing that.

I presume that after Bill Clinton got caught lying about getting oral sex in the Oval Office (or was that "oval sex in the oral office?") he stopped doing it and Monica Lewinsky vanished.

But how is it, when time after time now, the Bush Administration gets caught doing blatantly illegal things, like torturing prisoners of war, spiriting suspects to secret CIA prisons in Europe, or tapping the wires and email of American citizens illegally, and either Congress or the Courts tell him, "that's illegal, stop doing that," Bush's response is invariably, "you don't understand, I need to you make this legal, but I can't tell you why, for reasons of national security."

What the hell kind of security is he talking about?

How far do you think you'd get if you went into a grocery store and stole a bag of spinach, and when the store security guy grabs you, you call your Congressman and say, "you have to make it legal for me to steal spinach, but I can't explain why because it's sensitive information?"


Most people, if the law and the courts tell you to stop doing something, stop doing it or they go to prison.  Bush seems to think he should just be able to make any illegal thing he wants to do, legal, but only for him.

If Clinton had done any of this shit, these same Republicans would have had a shit-fit, and justifiably so.  I am heartened to a small degree to see that some of Bush's fellow Republicans don't want to be on record as rubber-stamping his illegal acts, at least not without a much better explanation than "because I'm the President and I said so."
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1. Aoife09/20/2006 01:47:14 AM

I had to steal the spinach to save you from E. coli...

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