PermaLink Feeling a bit mortal09/22/2006 03:17 PM

Lately it seems like my body is accelerating its own degeneration.  Not sure, but there are probably things I could be doing to slow it down some.  They're just not particularly fun.
I was reading something online last night and some of the things seemed to indicate that I was borderline diabetic... lack of energy, being tired all the time, some numbness from time to time.  True, that could also describe a lot of other stuff, but that's one thing I'm trying to avoid because it screws up so many other things.  I'm already taking pills to deal with high blood pressure (which can also screw up a lot of your organs) in addition to my antidepressants, but figure it's probably time to go talk to someone about checking whether early signs of diabetes are there as well.

One thing about Suzanne moving down later this year or early next year is that it gives me a convenient target for modifications in lifestyle.  I'm already eating less and (usually) eating better stuff, but I still tend to drink a little more than I should and never seem to get enough sleep (except for the nights that I get way too much and am still tired all the next day, like now).  I've been more active, as evidenced by the two bikes on the back of the Passat TDI that are going up to New Jersey with me after work tonight.  Here in the fall, it's easier to stay better hydrated, since I'm not sweating like a cold beer every time I step outside or doing anything strenuous at all.

Still, I keep feeling like things are slowly falling apart, more or less on schedule.  The other night I woke up with a magnificently painful leg cramp in my left calf, one of those things that brings you instantly awake and about which you can do nothing except try Zenlike focus techniques to release.  Pounding on the damn thing with your fist only makes it hurt worse.  Even today, a couple of days later, Ican still feel tightness in that leg, as if I pulled it.  I was probably dehydrated... that tends to be the trigger for me.  Kind of stupid, though, since I have gallons of chilled spring water readily available in a chiller outside in the hall, and there's always a glass of water next to the bed.  Oh, well.  When you get large, you need more water.

Sometimes it takes me a long time to go to sleep, because I feel like I'm about to hack up a hairball.

My vision is still terrific, particularly on those clear days with moderate sun, where I can read highway signs from more than a mile away.

I can still hear better than most people, even if sometimes I choose not to.

I can type.

I have steady hands.  Most of the time.

Still, one of these days I'm gonna die.

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1. Turtle09/25/2006 05:55:58 PM

Actually, the blood-pressure pills I take these days specifically warn against starting any kind of low-sodium diet, which is interesting. I do use LESS salt these days... it's sort of having to un-learn behavior learned when I was young. We didn't have much money, and most cheap food has little flavor (even less when you boil the crap out of it as my stepmother sometimes did). So I loved anything that had a really pungent, distinct flavor: lemons, sharp cheese, tea that was so strong it looked like motor oil. And most extreme of all, sometimes, I would actually suck on those little Herb-Ox bouillon cubes. You know, the ones you can make into broth? I'd just stick one in my cheek and it would leave behind a little square puckery pickled spot on the inside of my mouth.

Anyway, I've gotten away from that, though I still like strong tastes. I do have a Cardio-Glide (it was Nancy's, but she left it behind) and use it intermittently. I do tend to drink a lot of water, mostly because the sweating caused by the antidepressants dehydrates me easily, and because my spring water is available and terrific.

I pulled some muscles in my back this weekend hauling around a large television set for Suzanne. Remind me not to do that again.

2. Sean Burgess09/25/2006 01:01:43 PM

Soemthing you might want to think about is that you might actually be drinking too much water. The sodium-potassium pump that pulls water in and out of your cells is probably out of whack and causing your leg cramps. Although water is essential for life, too much of it can flush the minerals out of your system and cause the necessary balance to go away. If you want to keep putting the water in like you do, you may want to add a banana or two a day to your diet to get all the potassium you need. Also, don't cut out the salt in the rest of your diet, cause you need the sodium also.


3. Patrick M09/25/2006 10:07:16 AM

One guy once told me
"if you're a certain age and you wake up in the morning with no part of your body hurting in some way, you're probably dead".

Get well.


4. Jackie09/25/2006 08:56:04 AM

I second the hypothyroid possibility. When mine hit its worst, I also had really severe leg cramping at random times - though usually in the middle of the night. I think the doctor mentioned fibromyalgia as a secondary to severe hypothyroidism.

5. Wild Bill09/24/2006 08:52:16 PM

"Hack up a hairball"...

Stop licking the cats ?

Yeah. Get yourself checked out.

If you have dreams where you appear to be drowning, and wake up suddenly, check for Sleep Apnia. I use the breath-Rite strips, and have enjoyed full nights sleep since then.

Beer doesnt help diabetes. Switch to Martinis. Less volume == less sugar. Or whisky.

I guess I've gotta quit smoking.

Get an exercise bike. Our was delivered today. Park it in front of the TV and force yourself (at gunpoint) to do 30 minutes a day. Where your panting.

---* Bill "Fat Boy" Buchan.

6. Nicole09/23/2006 04:34:41 AM

You might want to get your thyroid checked. You may be experiencing symptoms of hypothyroidism. Your symptoms sound like that could be the case.

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