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I was all worked up to talk about Important Things today, but then I felt like saying, ah, scruit.  So, here I am.  And yes, I bitch about Windows in this episode.  Be warned, things will get extremely coarse.
So far, this week has been largely wreckage.  I managed to injure myself again the other night by running into a tractor in the dark that was in a place I don't normally leave it.  I ended up pulling a bunch more muscles in my back and incapacitating myself for work on Wednesday.  I stayed home, lectured the cats, and wrote code, which was about all I could do without leaving my bed much.  What a waste.   It's more of a waste when you consider that Fall is now here, and the time I'll have to do the million things I need to do to the house before Suzanne moves here has grown shorter and shorter.

Among other amusements, thanks to a post I found on Craig's List in DC, there is now confirmation that at least one other house in the world has my exact kitchen cabinets, right down to the big emblem on the front from the manufacturer (they're sheetmetal), the inoffensive beige paint, and the fingerprint stains above the drawer pulls.  Mine have the additional feature of having cat chin-marks around the lower corners from where the cats rub up against them.  I clean them once in a while, but the crud always comes back as the cats mark the cabinets as "theirs."

I of course had to email the poster to tell them that someone else has their same cabinets.

My longtime division director at work is retiring next week.  I have to admit that I would not have stuck with this day job for all these years if he hadn't been here running interference and dispensing wisdom for me most of those years.  I'd have left back in the mid-1990s when I got fed up with the agency's IT department.  Hopefully, things will coast along here long enough for them to locate someone at least as wise and sensible.  And, someone else who'll be interested in things Lotus.  Bruce's comment today was that he regrets that he didn't get to go to another Lotusphere.

Speaking of which, I'm all registered and reserved and everything.  I did get an abstract in a few weeks ago, but by my own admission it's a little lame and I'll be surprised if I'm on the program this year.  No matter, that frees me to actually try to keep up with all the stuff they'll be throwing at us in 120 days or so.

Why the fuck is it so hard to download the 7.0.1 iTunes update???  I'm trying to pull down the Windows update, and five separate downloads in Firefox completed successfully, but then refused to start at all because of a bad entry point in KERNEL32.DLL.  Why the fuck does it even need that DLL?  And three straight downloads in MSIE have "completed" and then completely vanished from the hard drive on the PC.  So, scruit, this time instead of saving the installer to disk, I demanded that it run it immediately after download, something I only rarely do and something I would never have to do on my Macs.  If I fails then, fuckit.  I can just stay on iTunes 7.00.  There've been reports of problems with iPods dealing with 7.00 and Windows, but I ain't seed 'em yet, so I don't even need the update.

My Macs, of course, downloaded and installed the iTunes update perfectly.

Fucking Windows!

At Lotusphere, even if I am presenting, expect to see me with Apple hardware only.  Since I have an Intel Mac and the excellent Parallels Desktop that allows me to run Windows (or Linux, or Solaris, or DOS, or OS/2) within a small window in Mac OS X, there will never be an instant at Lotusphere I'll have to touch a non-Mac.  I will be delighted.  If I'm presenting, I am half-tempted to redo the presentation in Keynote rather than fart around with PowerPoint.  Then I can use Parallels for the Notes Designer client and all will be well.

OK.  It's up to 83% downloaded, so I will take my hands completely off this piece of shit keyboard just to prevent any chance that that farkin' download dialog (you know the one, in MSIE, where it can pop up to the top of the screen stack at any time and "cancel" is the default button, like the retarded piece of crap it is?) popping up while I'm typing.

You goddamn bastards.

The file finished downloading, and this Windows error pops up:  

Internet Explorer had a problem with this file because it doesn't contain a signature verifying its publisher.

And a button, OK.

Pushed that, and it threw the file away!!

And of course, the button that should have been there, "Install it anyway, you stupid fuck, why do you think I've wasted all afternoon on this crap?"  was nowhere to be found.

Once again, if you work for Microsoft, please stop reading this page at once.  If you had anything to do with this stupidity, I want you extremely dead.

Enough.  You guys all have your own stories of Microshittiness... no sense me babbling on about mine.

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1. Milo Bloom10/01/2006 11:22:24 PM

Hey Turtle,

Are those Youngstown kitchen cabinets you have there, by any chance? The house we purchased in November has that brand, and they're a metal cabinet, so I figured I'd ask. (Though the previous owner went so far as to build wooden facings on the front of them and install wooden cabinet doors..)


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