PermaLink I haven't vanished10/11/2006 02:48 PM

I've been edging into a depressive phase lately, so it's been a little hard to get up the energy to do much writing.  Still, I'm here.
Here it is, October, which used to be the peak of the Lotusphere Registration Madness, and here I am with almost nothing to write about.  Instead, I guess I'll tell you all sorts of little stupid stuff I've been doing and thinking and maybe that will appease you until later.

Either that, or you can go read Ed Brill.

Suzanne was down here last weekend, and between her getting here late on Friday and having to leave extremely early on Monday, and us sleeping all sorts of weird hours, it seemed like there was just no time.  I had Monday off, but she didn't, so I got to spend Monday cleaning things.  I put a new air filter in the red Passat -- it's now the fastest station wagon you can imagine -- cleaned stuff off my porch, and lectured the cats about getting cat hair all over everything.  They looked at me like I was insane.

I got very little useful sleep, probably a product of the depression.  Sleep problems tend to aggravate depression, and then the depression tends to throw your sleep cycles all to hell, and it tends to get worse before it gets better.  I have been hesitant to whip out some more drugs and add them to this mix, but it might be time.  Problem is, the few things I've tried tend to make me sleep for about ten or twelve hours, not eight or nine, and it makes it impossible to schedule anything when you don't even know if you'll be awake.

The one event which should have brought me out of depression is the magnificent collapse of the Yankees in the first round of the baseball playoffs.  I was quite pleased.  I had a feeling that Detroit would be able to beat them, and they absolutely did.  And none of those 2-1, 5-4 wins, either... Detroit kicked their asses off.  I was pleased.

Other random things:

This whole thing about the House pages and the Republicans is hilarious to watch.  "The Party Of Values" seems to have exactly one value, and it's called, "fuck you."

Politicians aren't allowed to take credit for the current fall-off in gas prices unless they also accept responsibility for last year's run-up in prices.  Since not one of them did that, I won't let them take credit for this.  Expect prices to rise to their previous stupid levels just after the election, regardless of who wins.

I used to think that public contact jobs sort of presupposed the ability to speak English.  Apparently the manager of the local McDonald's near my house doesn't think so.  The one overly-made-up Latina who works the drive-thru during the day apparently can't discern colors or count in English.  "Two yellow packets of sweetener"  (i.e., two packets of Splenda, to put in unsweetened iced tea) results in her helplessly grabbing handfuls of every single "packetized" item within reach -- pink, white, yellow, blue, mustard, ketchup, moist towelettes -- and holding them out to me, as if I'm supposed to sort them out myself.  Lately, I just bring some from home.

There's more stuff I wanted to mumble about, but I'm too tired.
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2. Adi10/12/2006 05:10:51 AM

Good luck, Turtle, with the sleep and the blues. Just take it easy. By the way, very curious about what you are planning to present at Lotusphere (that is, well, in the most likely event that exciting abstract you posted on a while ago is accepted).

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