PermaLink Sorry about the outage12/13/2006 04:28 PM

Yeah, it wasn't just you:  the site was offline for several days.  Sorry about that.  I realize how few websites there are in the world, so having mine out of service probably stung.
I live a dual life.

No, no, calm down, it's not like I'm a spy or a fugitive mail-fraud suspect or former Mob informant.  It's just that there's a very bright line between my physical connectivity to the net and my content presence on the net.  My physical connection (my cable line) has nothing to do with anything I host on the net nor is it my communications channel for email, RSS, etc.  I've always kept those separate.

Sometimes, though, this becomes a royal pain in the ass, and the last four days was a result of that PITA setup.

I have a cable line, and even though I supposedly have an email address and some sort of web space given to me by the cable company, I've never used them.  Most of the time I can't even remember what they are.  However, that's where the company sends notices about upgrades and downtime, since I have no option to specify my "real" email address as a target for such communications.  Anyway, Friday night I got home late and found the server and everything else in my house offline.  Multiple resets of the cable modem had no effect, so finally I called up the cable company and asked what was going out.

"We sent out a notice... we're replacing the routers and the DNS servers."

I asked them where they sent or posted the notice.

"To your email account."

"You mean, the one I've never used because I've got my own?"

"Yeah, I guess."

Sure enough, I try to remember what my login name for that never-used email address is, and eventually -- the next day -- get this:

Dear customer,

We will be performing system upgrades on Friday, December 8th,
between the hours of 4:00 am and 5:00 am.  An interruption of
service can be expected, however we anticipate the outage to be

Now, you're probably asking what I'm doing up at 4am on a Friday night, farting around with my network and servers.  Why you even need to ask that question puzzles me.  The answer is, as usual, "because."

Anyway, having pulled my whole network apart trying to fix a problem that didn't exist, I was too tired to put it all back together.  Saturday morning I hauled the cable modem up to the bedroom and plugged the MacBook Pro directly into it, while the machines downstairs gasped for connectivity.

I just went back in there and checked again... the inbox is absolutely JAMMED with spam from the NFL Network over three years' worth of nearly weekly promotional crap from them and the NFL Shop online.  Now, since I've never used that email account nor given it to anyone else, the only place NFL Network could have gotten the address is from the cable company itself.  

What makes this curious is... my cable company doesn't even offer the NFL Network!

Welcome to "Doing Business With Dildos," Part 1.  Please have a seat and open your books.

In other news, Suzanne will be down here a good bit over the next couple of weeks.  She has a job interview (for a real job) with some law firm in DC on Friday, so she's coming down here this weekend.  Next Friday, I'm DJing and next Saturday there's a party to which we've been invited, so we're spending part of that weekend down here, then going back up to her house so I can see her tree before the rabbits eat it.  The weekend after that, we're getting all foofed up and going out for New Year's.  This is now the fifth year in a row I've held to my vow that I'm never staying home on New Year's ever again, a backlash against nearly ten years of not going anywhere with Nancy (not even once).  I'll go out if it kills me.  Not that I'm wishing for that.  No sense messing up people's enjoyment of college football with stories of some old guy keeling over after an evening of raucous post-midnight sex.  I try to be a little considerate.

A little.
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