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I've cleaned house in more ways than one.
Coming down to the end of the year, I did a lot of cleaning and fixing of things.  There isn't a whole lot of opportunity to do that during most winters, but this really hasn't been winter yet.  I saw snow once, a tiny dusting in the driveway one night weeks ago, but basically nothing since.  It rained on Christmas in New Jersey and on New Year's Eve here in Maryland.  Today, the unscheduled holiday brought about by the death of Gerald Ford, (a truly good guy, about whom I'll write soon), I spent the day installing a new pipe in the exhaust on the TDI, cleaning the kitchen, and setting up what I refer to as Kitty Apartheid, separating The Crappers from The Non-Crappers.  Basically, I've gotten tired of cats who can't be bothered to use a perfectly good catbox and instead want to poop under the couch or something.  The kitchen has been set up with new cat perches Suzanne and I built on New Year's Day, it's all pristine and clean, and I have now escorted a few known poopers to spend the winter in the kitchen, away from the rest of the house.  As new poopers show themselves, they'll end up in the kitchen, and the house will balance out into two populations, one that can be trusted on furniture and around expensive things, and the rest who are destined for washable or disposable surfaces.  

I also cleaned the rest of my life out, or at least began doing so.  I've had it up to here with a place I sometimes go after work.  It used to be fun, now it's a zoo and a soap opera and just a drain on my time and energy.  Lots of good people there, but the balance is all wrong and I think it's time to do other things.  No smoking any more, either, even if it's tempting.  Time to go back to theatre and music, and writing stuff people read.   Life can be great fun, and the clock is ticking down to when it'll get even better.  Suzanne moved some stuff down this weekend, and I'll be going up with the newly-quiet and well-behaved TDI wagon next weekend to pack up and transport lots of other stuff.  In my experience, you never, ever trust movers with anything they can break or steal.  The last time I moved, and I mean last, I ended up moving everything except large furniture and appliances.  The computers, the pinball machines, the glassware and electronics, all traveled in the back of Saabs and Volvos or in a truck we rented ourselves.  The movers had their hands full dinging up Nancy's furniture, I guess it was too big to stuff in a pocket.

Totally unrelated:  the ShopVacs at Lowe's contain RFID anti-shoplifting tags.  I was mystified.  "What, are they gonna shove this thing down their pants or something?" I asked the cashier.  He told me he's seen people try it.  Well, not down the pants, I guess, but...

Anyway, life seems better.  I don't usually get that sort of buzz from the turn of the year, but this year, I'm feeling it.

New things:  I decided I actually like rock lobster tail.  I had avoided lobster for years, because I really didn't find it that particularly appealing... sort of like caviar.  Anyway, I tried some on the side with a steak at Outback, and found it quite good.  Maybe it's lobster tail versus claw meat.  Not sure.  But I'll probably find grilled lobster tail appealing in the future.

Old things:  time to pull out the clarinet and become friends with it again.

Cat poop.
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1. Adeleida01/11/2007 03:10:19 AM

Nope, we have the choice of one product over here, but it more or less works.

Hope to meet you next week at Lotusphere, then! :)

2. Turtle01/08/2007 04:07:42 PM

OK, yeah, I saw that and wondered who that was. Now I know!

I don't know if they have this in SA, but in the US they have this stuff called "THIS WORKS!" and it actually does. Most of the other kinds of enzymatic cat-whiz eliminators are just completely ineffective. This one works but is likely a US-only product.

3. Adeleida01/06/2007 05:33:18 AM

Cat poop (and pee).... I had an eighteen year old that (incredibly sadly) died almost two years ago and he just couldn't make it in time anymore with his bad arthritis. I stocked up on those odour eliminator sprays - still have some in the cupboard. Seeing them brings back such fond memories. We miss them when they're gone. Even the poop.

I sent you an email today on "Five Things". It's not spam! Please read :) and blog on it if you have a moment. Thanks...

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