PermaLink Moving day approaches02/12/2007 06:10 PM

Well, Suzanne and her wabbits are moving into the house in a couple of weeks.  The adventures never cease.
I haven't written since Henry and Yellow died a couple of weeks ago.  Since then, I've had additional hilarious adventures, but also some good things.  Suzanne's stuff is almost all moved down here now, except for large furniture, her evil Windows-based computing device, and her wabbits.  The wabbits are arriving this weekend (no, they will not be interacting extensively with the catz) and the movers are coming at the very end of the month, so in another two weeks the household will feel much more like a house and less like a place where I sleep and do laundry.  The house has been basically deactivated since mid-2003, so really it ends up being neutral territory for Suzanne.  Much of its new character will come from the things she puts in it... and the old shit that I throw out.

I cranked up the dose on my antidepressants.  I find myself able to ride out these little bumps extremely well as a result.  True, I should call my doctor and let her know I did it, lest I run out of refills twice as fast, but after four or five years on this stuff I know when it's not really able to handle the load, and the load of depression-inducing influences in my life has surged lately.

I still haven't gotten around to getting the TDI rebuilt after it seized coming back from Lotusphere.  The gas Passat, the red one I took down there last year, gets awful mileage, at least in part due to a thermostat that's stuck wide open, so the car never really warms up in cold weather and always runs too rich.  Rich enough to get shitty mileage, but not rich enough to generate an engine code I can fight.  It's rather annoying.  Worse, although the thermostat is a little sixteen-dollar part you can get anywhere, installing it is rather a pain in the ass.  At least the car is a 2000 model... apparently newer ones, you have to take the front of the car, the water pump, the timing belt, and a bunch of other shit to replace this sixteen-dollar part.   I have a severe allergy to stupid engineering, so I doubt I'll ever get a newer VW just for that alone.  On my 1969 Volvos (I have three), I literally can replace the thermostat in about 90 seconds.  Two bolts, one rubber seal, undo it, pull the old one, put the new one in, bolt it back down, run the car and check for leaks.  And you don't have to drain any coolant, which, due to the lower-engine location of the thermostat, is not apparently the case on Passats.  It's underneath the damn car.  Maybe I should just flip the car over so nothing dribbles out.

It's supposedly going to snow and ice here in the next 36 hours.  Everyone else is freaking out, but I'm not.  You know that place they keep talking about that has over ten feet of snow in the last ten days, Oswego County, New York?  I lived there one winter about 25 years ago, and ten feet is nothing.  They're just surprised it all showed up at one time.  They commonly get a total of 15 to 20 feet in a year.  People down here would lose their minds, but I'm not even wearing a winter coat today.  Poop on them.

Hey, can anyone tell me if they saw any of the following people at Lotusphere?  I didn't, and I missed them:  D'Artagnan Fisher, Neil Agate, and (the former) Kathy Spanbauer?  I don't remember Kathy's last name now, but Neil and Dart are pretty distinctive... where were they at?

Off I go to get cat litter and USB cables.  This should be amusing.
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1. Turtle02/13/2007 06:50:40 PM

Well, how about that? I had no idea they were with you! Sorry we didn't get to meet... Wednesday night was a rainy mess.

2. Adeleida02/13/2007 04:21:45 AM

Ah, I'm hurt, you didn't miss me :( . You did meet two of my colleagues, though - here's a pic:

I hope you and Suzanne are really happy. There is no pill that can replace having someone around that loves you and is your best friend. All the best.

3. Carl Tyler02/12/2007 11:19:19 PM

I saw Neil. He arrived late as he had travel troubles.

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