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The red car is officially gone.  Totaled.  Toilet paper.
I got a call the other day from the adjuster at Allstate.  It had taken them nearly two weeks to come up with an estimate on the red Passat, time during which I've been driving a nondescript but powerful rental car for $7 a day.  Basically, they said they were going to total it.

I was completely blown away.  Mind you, I had hit the guard rail at about fifteen miles per hour, the airbags hadn't even blown, and I had driven the car home, albeit with a leaking radiator.  But they basically said, look, we'll give you this much for it, if you want to fix it yourself you can buy it back for a thousand bucks.  I declined.  I went over and took the plates off, cleared all my remaining stuff out of it (and in the process found two pairs of good tweezers, a Memory Stick, a Bobby Lounge CD, and several PDA styli for various Sony and HTC devices.  Oh, that and about $4.50 in change.  I tossed everything in the trunk of the rental, took a few final pictures of the Passat, and drove off.  I have to say, I'm disappointed that they totaled the car, but now I have nearly eight thousand dollars with which to put a new engine in the TDI Passat, fix Suzanne's dented Chevrolet, and pay some bills and stuff.  Had they fixed the red car and I'd sold it, I doubt I'd have gotten $6000 for it.

I really didn't form a strong attachment to that car, but it was pretty goddamn fast after I chipped it up, and it handled well on dry pavement.

I keep the rental for another two weeks while the Volkswagen Guy puts a new diesel in the TDI.  Then I get to drive that and save shitloads of money on fuel.

Anything that big shouldn't be that easily thrown away.  I mean, the car didn't look horrendous, the subframe wasn't bent, the suspension and engine were pretty much OK.  Allstate decided the parts to fix it were just too expensive, so they wrote me a check, I gave them the title, and we parted ways.

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